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Wellbeing leads launch new mental health and wellbeing campaign AskTwice

Initiative commits to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals feel valued, heard, and empowered to seek help when needed.

15 May 2024


The Police Federation of England and Wales’s wellbeing leads, Hayley Aley and Paul Williams, launched the new #AskTwice campaign on World Mental Health Awareness Day, 15 May 2024, joined by guest speaker Mel Lynch, an ex-British Army Physical Trainer.

World Mental Health Day 2024 prioritises mental health in the workplace, a central commitment of the #AskTwice campaign that aims to foster a culture that positively addresses mental health and wellbeing within the police force, marking a pivotal step in reshaping workplace attitudes and practices.

Introducing the campaign, Hayley and Paul stressed #AskTwice seeks to be a beacon of change, encouraging officers to pause, reflect, and prioritise their wellbeing and that of their colleagues.

The initiative is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals feel valued, heard, and empowered to seek help when needed.

Central to AskTwice's ethos is the recognition mental wellbeing is essential to workplace health and positive policing. Prioritising mental wellbeing in the workplace not only demonstrates a commitment to employees' welfare but also yields tangible benefits in terms of morale, engagement, and productivity.

Fostering a culture that values mental health sends a powerful message to employees their wellbeing is actively supported and encouraged, which is crucial for creating a psychologically safe and healthy work environment.

Guest speaker, Mel Lynch has spent 24 years as a physical training instructor in the British Army and now works closely with the Royal Airforce.

Fitness and work life balance graphic


Key to Mel’s current work is the promotion of physical exercise to promote positive mental health in the workplace as best managed through physical exercise. To this end, Mel has designed a programme of exercises that are possible in an office environment.

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By examining your daily routine and realising just how sedentary our day-to-day lives have become, Mel is able to demonstrate by following just a few simple tips it was possible to start reaping the benefits of exercise, even for those that find it hard to get away form their desks.


Taking 10-minute screen breaks and using this time to stretch and even practice some light exercises in the office can be the difference between good and poor mental health.

By promoting mental health literacy and providing resilience-building guides, toolkits, support and advice from within policing and from third parties, #AskTwice wants to equip individuals with the skills to be the support a colleague may so desperately need, or even just to help themselves when pressures seem to be mounting up.

#AskTwice must be more than just a symbolic gesture; it embodies a tangible commitment to change.

By offering a comprehensive resource hub and equipping individuals with the skills and confidence to initiate difficult conversations, this initiative lays the groundwork for sustained progress in changing attitudes toward wellbeing.

Watch the campaign launch here.

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