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PC Nadia Shah and PC Callum Tuckett

PC Nadia Shah and PC Callum Tuckett

Four officers who saved a woman suffering a mental health crisis from a fire have been nominated for the national Police Bravery Awards 2024.

PCs Callum Tuckett, Nadia Shah, an officer who wishes to remain anonymous, and an unnamed officer, for operational reasons, from Kent Police responded to a call reporting that the vulnerable woman had set her home on fire in an attempt to take her own life. 

PCs Tuckett and Shah arrived at the address, which was billowing thick smoke, before making their way inside to save her.

However, upon their arrival, the female became very volatile and so they called for assistance, recognising they had to act fast as the fire was rapidly spreading.

The PC arrived just a minute later and entered the property to assist their colleagues in carrying the women out who was resisting through a narrow corridor, while at the same time advising all other occupants to evacuate.

Once outside, the officers were met by their colleagues, PCs Phillpot and Capozzi, and PC Phillpot commenced a medical assessment of the female as the police medics on scene.   

At this point the female was struggling to breathe after inhaling smoke, so they acted fast to administer oxygen.

Meanwhile, PC Capozzi continued to engage with other residents in the building to make sure everyone was out.

In addition, he checked on the welfare of his colleagues, PCs Tuckett and Shah, whilst the Kent Fire and Rescue Service took over.   

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service Commander later commended all of the officers present for their collective and courageous actions in saving the woman and preserving the life of others. 

Their early management of the scene and medical intervention undoubtedly saved her life and prevented further risk. 

Kent Police Federation Chair Neil Mennie said: “Often the cliché of the burning building is used as an example in a number of ‘what if’ scenarios alluding to decision making and bravery.

“However, this became a reality for these officers who demonstrated courage and acted without hesitation to save the life of the individual concerned. There can be few environments as dangerous contending with fire and potentially a highly toxic deadly atmosphere. In addition, meeting resistance from someone who sadly was attempting to take their own life.

“Those officers who initially entered and supported subsequently by colleagues who followed, acted without hesitation and placed themselves in danger.

“They are a credit to both themselves and the profession and we are delighted to nominate them for this award.”

Kent Police Chief Constable Tim Smith said: “Police officers face dangerous and unpredictable situations on a daily basis and regularly put their lives on the line to ensure the safety of others.

“The officers involved in this particular incident demonstrated immense bravery by entering a burning building in order to rescue a very vulnerable member of the public, risking their lives to save hers.

“I am extremely grateful to them for their lifesaving efforts, as I am for every other officer who routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to protect the public, catch criminals and solve crime.”

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