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  • Officer A devotes at least an extra four hours to every case for redaction
  • Officer A is working from multiple guidance documents because there is no single authoritative guidance on redacting case material
  • Officer A believes they, and their supervisors, need more training on nationally agreed disclosure procedures

#SimplifyDG6 is a campaign to amend the data protection laws and the disclosure guidance to stop PFEW members from being Officer A. 

The campaign aims to identify and amplify the practical difficulties faced by responding police officers, investigative officers and detectives in redacting case material at the pre-charge stage in accordance with the prevailing Crown Prosecution Service Disclosure Guidance 2020 – made effective from 1 January 2021.

PFEW is lobbying the Government to highlight the need for amendments to the General Data Protection Regulation, Data Protection Act 2018, and the disclosure guidance itself to rectify the damaging and time-consuming problems the current legislation creates.

The campaign, launched on 30 August, will:

  1. Appeal to the Government to make amendments to the data protection laws to simplify the redaction obligations of police officers.
  2. Call on the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the College of Policing and the CPS to jointly work with the Federation to ensure all its members receive nationally agreed face-to-face training on disclosure procedures.
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