Police Federation

North Yorkshire

Walsh, Ollerenshaw & Burgess

Three officers who demonstrated exceptional courage and professionalism in the face of extreme violence have been nominated for the national Police Bravery Awards 2024.

In the early hours of 24 August 2022, North Yorkshire officers, PCs Dave Burgess, Joanne Ollerenshaw and Sam Walsh were dispatched to a report of a man with a knife who was reportedly suffering a mental health episode at an address in Crosshills.

On their arrival, they were confronted with an extremely violent and aggressive man who emerged from a basement window and a metal grate who was reportedly suffering from Acute Behavioural Disturbance.

The officers attempted to engage with the man in a bid to calm him and encourage him to stay where he stood, however he picked up the metal grate and his violent demeanour continued.

Two tasers were used on him to try and subdue him for everyone’s safety, including his own, but had no effect.

At this point the man charged at the officers, lashing out in an onslaught of physical violence and aggression towards them for a sustained period of time. The man was significantly larger, towering over them, and stronger because of his condition, meaning PC Burgess and Walsh both struggled to restrain him and shield themselves from being repeatedly hit.

With backup eventually arriving from West Yorkshire Police, the officers thankfully managed to restrain the man safely and get him the medical attention he desperately needed.

North Yorkshire Police Federation Chair Rob Bowles said: “All three officers showed the utmost professionalism and bravery throughout what was one of the worst assaults on officers I have ever witnessed. They acted selflessly and heroically and are an absolute credit to the police service.

“At points, they did not know whether or not they would survive this vicious attack but, despite this, showed outstanding courage and resilience, keeping members of the public, including ambulance staff, safe from harm.”

North Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Tim Forber said: "The three officers demonstrated exceptional bravery in the face of extreme violence that night.

“They acted selflessly to protect members of the public and ambulance staff and brought the incident to a safe conclusion. Their conduct reflects the finest traditions of the police service, and they richly deserve the recognition of these awards."



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