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PC Joshua Shardlow and PC Mo Ahmed

PC Joshua Shardlow and PC Mo Ahmed

A dedicated duo have been nominated for the national Police Bravery Awards 2024 for their courage and determination whilst chasing a dangerous individual wielding a large weapon and looking to cause harm.

On 22 September 2023, in the early hours whilst on Beaumont Leys Lane in Leicester, a report was made to police concerning a male in possession of a large knife causing damage to parked cars.

The caller had their vehicle smashed and followed the suspect on foot at a distance until both PC Joshua Shardlow and PC Mo Ahmed arrived. The caller gave the last direction of travel of the suspect, pointing down a dark unlit alleyway.

Both officers without hesitation updated the command line and began to make their way down the alley, locating the suspect who then turned to the officers, raised his hands in the air and produced a large knife.

He repeatedly shouted, “I am going to kill you”, whilst sprinting straight at them at speed.

Both quickly deployed Taser, effective from PC Shardlow with an ineffective shot from PC Ahmed. The suspect fell down, however, as PC Shardlow moved forward to try and handcuff the subject, he got up quicker than anticipated and swung the knife towards the officers, missing by a hair’s breadth.

The officers begun to withdraw and used their captor spray on the subject, but this was not effective. PC Ahmed was close to a bush and as the suspect rushed him, the suspect holding the knife punched him in the face, causing a deep slash wound and broken nose.

PC Shardlow drew his baton and swung at the suspect, allowing time for PC Ahmed to create distance. Whilst both officers moved out onto the main street, the suspect followed and continued swinging at PC Shardlow.

PC Shardlow continued trying to use his baton and whilst moving back, fell to the ground and began kicking out at the suspect. PC Ahmed then used captor spray causing the suspect to move back and flee.

PC Shardlow with PC Ahmed and other officers close by then began pursuing the male. Soon catching up with the suspect, PC Shardlow tackled the suspect to the floor who was still holding a knife, grappling with him before successfully handcuffing him.

Leicestershire Police Federation Acting Chair Andy Spence said: "PC Mo Ahmed and Joshua Shardlow bravely confronted a dangerous man wielding a knife down a dark alley. When he charged at them, they tried to use their Taser, but it had no effect.

“The offender slashed Mo across the face with the knife and knocked Joshua to the floor. Bravely both officers got up, and chased after the suspect down several roads and restrained him. The footage is harrowing and shows how they courageously faced this man on their own.

“The bravery they showed that night is outstanding. The officers showed absolute professionalism and dedication."


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