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PC Holly Grey and PC Maverick Reddington

PC Holly Grey and PC Maverick Reddington

A team of heroic officers who contained an armed individual in a fast-moving incident that left three of them with knife wounds have been nominated for the national Police Bravery Awards 2024.

PCs Holly Grey, Sam Handley, Maverick Reddington, Rachael Dack, Cara Crosby and two officers who wish to remain anonymous from Cleveland Police, all worked together in a tense and violent situation, bringing under control a knife-wielding individual intent on resisting at any cost.

PCs Holly Grey and Sam Handley were first on scene to a call of concern for safety that soon escalated into violence, where PC Handley was subject to a frenzied attack and PC Grey was stabbed in the leg and took a slash wound to her hand.

The individual was contained in a living room in which his parents were sat too, and given previous intelligence that he could be armed, Taser was deployed but to little effect.

Attempts to calm the individual were ignored and he became more and more agitated, and soon rushed at PC Grey and attempted to gain control of her Taser, which had PC Handley not deployed his PAVA spray, he may have succeeded. Further use of PAVA spray and Taser had little effect on the individual.

The subject rushed PC Grey again, forcing her to the ground, at which point PC Handley used several baton strikes to help free PC Grey but inadvertently allowed the subject back to his feet to attack again.

A second user of Taser had little impact. PC Grey was aware of being stabbed in the hand, but at this point realised she felt blood running down her leg from a stab wound. It was clear the subject must be contained at this point as concerns for the family in the room only grew.

The other officers now were arriving and entering the room from different doors. Grabbing a family member, the subject was now holding a knife to her throat, but the officers entering the room provided enough of a distraction for her to break free.

At this moment the subject rushed at the officers again, swinging his knife and trying to injure as many as possible. PAVA spray and more baton hits were deployed but again with little effect until PC Reddington and another officer managed to grab his arms causing him to fall to the ground.

At this point the PC received a laceration to his arm. From the ground the subject continued to fight and spit at officers, still armed with a knife which he thrusted into PC Reddington just under his armpit. It is only down to pure luck this missed his lung and other major organs.

A struggle continued with the subject pinned to the ground, who was now outnumbered significantly. He was disarmed and subdued, after wounding three of the officers in attendance.

Cleveland Police Federation Secretary Carl Baker said: “This was a hugely alarming incident at which all officers showed immense bravery and courage to detain the offender and protect the public who were present.

“Three officers received stab and slash wounds. It is only due to pure luck that one officer was not fatally stabbed, as the wound just missed a lung and major arteries. This shows once again that officers will put their lives at risk and go above and beyond to protect the communities they serve.

“I am immensely proud to call these officers my colleagues. They have once again shown the true values of policing.”

Cleveland Police Federation Chair Paul Crowley said: “I am immensely proud of our nominees; they are undoubtedly the bravest of Cleveland’s best. The bravery and commitment they demonstrated in the face of such a dangerous situation, despite the injuries they received, is nothing short of exceptional.

“Without them, it is unquestionable that others would have been injured or worse. To our brave nominees: I recognise and salute every one of you for your exceptional bravery and for keeping our colleagues and community safe. Be proud and enjoy every minute of the occasion. You deserve it.”

Cleveland Police Chief Constable Mark Webster said: “Our officers put their lives on the line every day to protect members of the public and attacks such as this are appalling.

“The bravery and resilience these officers showed to arrest an armed offender in the face of imminent danger was truly inspiring. They are a credit to themselves and the entire force.

“They represent the very best of Cleveland Police and we all could not be prouder of them. I’m so pleased they have been recognised for their heroic actions.”






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