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PC Ian Hide and PC Nathan Beavin

PC Ian Hide and PC Nathan Beavin

Three heroic police officers have been nominated for the national Police Bravery Awards 2024 after a violent assault by a knife-wielding man.

PCs Ian Hide, John Rimmer and Nathan Beavin were on plain clothes duty on 5 December 2022 when they were approached by two members of the public who said a man had just threatened them and tried to stab them. The man was still close by and in possession of a bottle and carving knife.

PCs Hide and Beavin walked through a nearby alley while PC Rimmer drove his vehicle to the other end of the alley to contain the man, 35-year-old Thomas McComish. It was then that PCs Beavin and Hide located McComish, who began to lunge and slash at PC Hide with the large kitchen knife.

As PC Hide fought to defend himself he broke his wrist. At this moment, PC Rimmer arrived, and a struggle broke out as the three constables attempted to disarm and detain the man.

As PCs Rimmer and Beavin came to his aid, McComish stabbed twice at PC Rimmer, who "felt the force of the contact" of the blade to his left side. Fortunately, PC Rimmer’s handcuffs protected him from the ferocious blows.

The three officers then gained an opportunity to grapple McComish to the ground, removing the knife and applying handcuffs.

PC Hide said: “It was a job that, as a police officer, you pray you never have to go to. It will stay with me for the rest of my life. I can't believe I survived. There remains a large piece of me missing.”

PC Hide is left severely affected by the incident, which he describes as life changing.

Thomas McComish, of Morgan Street, St Helens admitted two counts of attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm and was jailed for seven years and nine months and an additional four years on licence in April 2023.

The actions of these three individuals, at tremendous personal risk, removed an armed and extremely dangerous individual from the streets, protecting the public and themselves from serious harm.

Merseyside Police Chief Constable Serena Kennedy said: “I am immensely proud that the brave and selfless actions of PCs Hide, Rimmer and Beavin, has been recognised in this way.

“Their actions directly led to the detention of an armed man intent on hurting the public and officers, and I have no doubt they spared people more serious injury that day.

“I never take for granted the courage of officers who go to work every day knowing they could be confronted with incredibly dangerous situations such as this but do so willingly and because they care passionately about protecting the public.

“These three officers are a credit to their profession, and I wish them well at the Police Bravery Awards.”

Merseyside Police Federation Chair Chris McGlade said: “These officers’ demonstrated great bravery in putting the safety of the public before their own.

“Their actions brought an extremely dangerous situation to a safe conclusion and prevented any further members of the public being harmed. They should rightly be extremely proud of their actions on this day, and it is right the courage they displayed is being formally recognised.”

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