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A police officer who remained focused on detaining an aggressive individual causing chaos and fear, despite him sexually assaulting her, has been nominated for the national Police Bravery Awards 2024.

On 22 May 2022, Dorset Police received multiple 999 calls in the Winton Recreation Ground area reporting two males fighting and that there had been a possible stabbing.

It was established, however, only one of these males was an aggressor with the other trying to calm him.

The male was highly aggressive to users of the park, trying to start fights with numerous random members of the public. He proceeded to drop his trousers and start to masturbate openly whilst shouting and screaming at people.

PC Chloe Chapman, who has waived her right to anonymity, attended the scene single crewed and quickly identified the male who was fighting with another male on the roadside. On her arrival the offender immediately turned his attention to her. He threw himself on the bonnet of the marked police vehicle before diving into the vehicle through the passenger door.

This happened at rapid pace and the offender immediately started to attack PC Chapman, pulling at her hair, striking out, grappling at her protective equipment and clothing whilst licking and kissing her face.

She was now trapped with the violent male who was reported to have a knife, sexually assaulting her. Despite the horror and fear she was experiencing, she remained focused and activated her emergency button, however, it didn’t work as the offender inadvertently switched the radio channel in the melee.

Thankfully, PC Chapman was assisted by a member of the public and they managed to drag the offender out of the vehicle. She then exited the vehicle, drawing her Taser as the male began to flee.

Despite having been both physically and sexually assaulted, she chased after the male. When she caught up with him, he threw himself to the floor as if to submit. Still with Taser drawn, PC Chapman gave clear verbal commands to safely detain him.

He was seemingly compliant with these instructions, so she moved into detain the male. At this point the offender jumped to his feet and once again started to attack her. Being too close to deploy Taser, she grappled with him, managing to free herself and create sufficient distance to discharge her Taser which was successful at first.

He once again sprung to his feet, ignoring commands to stay down on the floor. Taser was deployed a second time, but it failed, and he began to charge at a member of the public. Thankfully he was tackled to the ground by a bystander.

PC Chapman, with the assistance of a further member of public, was able to detain the male on the ground and make an arrest before further police units arrived.

Dorset Police Federation Chair James Dimmack said: “PC Chapman suffered a disgusting and highly personal attack. Despite this violation she remained focused on the job at hand and principally keeping people safe with no thought for her own safety. 

“It is unthinkable for most to be confronted by this sort of situation and most would simply not be able to perform in the way PC Chapman has. I am incredibly proud of her and the way she represents Dorset Police.”

Dorset Police Chief Constable Amanda Pearson said: “I am incredibly proud of PC Chloe Chapman and all her exceptionally talented and dedicated colleagues who go to work every day to do their very best in delivering an excellent service to our communities in Dorset.

“Chloe has already been a worthy award winner of a Chief Constable’s commendation at our Annual Force Awards and these national awards act as a stark reminder of the bravery our officers demonstrate on a daily basis and the personal risk they take in putting themselves in harm’s way to keep people safe.

“Despite the personal ordeal she went through, Chloe remained calm and professional in apprehending a violent individual and it is absolutely right that her actions are recognised by this nomination. I wish her the very best of luck in these awards.”


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