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Help 4 Addiction’s Rehubs app now available free of cost for all police officers

Police officers in England and Wales seeking help with de-addiction can now easily access Rehubs with a code that bypasses the need for payment.

22 January 2024


The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has partnered with Help 4 Addiction and Rehubs to bring addiction support free of charge to all police officers who may be struggling with any addiction issues. 

Policing is a demanding profession with increased responsibility, increased personal risk and public scrutiny, irregular hours, greater levels of psychological stress and repeated exposure to traumatic events. It is no surprise some members of the police service as a result may struggle with addiction.

If you are struggling with an addition, of any kind, we have ensured the 24/7 support offered by Rehubs is easily accessible with a code that bypasses the need for payment. 

The Rehubs app, accessible on the Google Play Store and the App Store, offers free access to police officers by using the code, POLFED, under the ‘use company code’ prompt at the bottom of the payment page.

The partnership with PPEW aligns with its commitment to providing a safe space for officers in England and Wales to discuss addiction struggles.


About the Services


Help 4 Addiction

Help 4 Addiction Logo

Help 4 Addiction provides independent addiction services across the UK. Its commitment means that whatever the addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, or gambling, it can offer the appropriate support.

By collaborating with clinics and specialists globally, it delivers a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery. This involves partnerships with psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, and neuro-linguistic programming therapists.

The specialists at Help 4 Addiction tailor addiction treatments to individual needs, offering inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient services, or the convenience of home-based rehab.





Rehubs logo





Rehubs offers a modern, digital approach to addiction recovery with an online rehab programme.

This innovative method makes addiction recovery accessible and convenient. Participants join a well-organised, intensive rehabilitation programme delivered online.

Rehubs focuses on leveraging innovation for addiction recovery in the digital age, providing effective and validated solutions for conquering addiction without the need to attend in person group or individual therapy sessions.

Rehubs stands as a dedicated ally in achieving sobriety, emphasising transformative change and personalised care.


Why Help 4 Addiction/Rehubs?

Both Help 4 Addiction and Rehubs are deeply passionate about addiction and recovery. The founder and CEO, Nicholas Conn, a former police officer, understands the challenges officers face and has maintained sobriety since 2009.


Get In Touch Today  

Those seeking support can contact Help 4 Addiction at 0203 955 7700 or Rehubs at 0330 058 8227.

A free 5-minute online consultation is also available on their respective websites.

Taking the first steps towards recovery is challenging, but with the support of Help 4 Addiction and Rehubs, individuals can find a path to recovery, fostering resilience and wellbeing. 

Visit: www.help4addiction.co.uk


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