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Angiolini Inquiry finds significant and repeated failings in vetting across the service

Police Federation of England and Wales National Chair Steve Hartshorn responds to Part 1 report of the Angiolini Inquiry.

29 February 2024


Today [29 February] we have seen the publication of the first report of the Angiolini Inquiry. It highlights significant failings in vetting and investigations across the service and a clear need for incidents of indecent exposure to be given a more serious status.

As an organisation we need the time to read, digest and understand the report in full and its impact.

Firstly, our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Sarah Everard during another difficult milestone. As police officers, we feel disappointed and sickened at this individual's crimes.

It is incumbent on all chief officers from all forces across England and Wales to take heed of the findings and recommendation presented in part 1 of the report and make the procedural improvements needed.

National Chair Steve Hartshorn said: “The weight and seriousness of the findings demonstrate that rightly, that the focus should be on tightening the processes highlighted as a matter of urgency to improve our service for the public and our members. The vast majority of whom come into the police service to protect the public and act with integrity and respect

“In light of this tragedy, change is desperately needed across all forces to tackle these issues throughout the service, not just within the Metropolitan Police Service. This starts from the top through directive, ethical leadership. 

"The Police Federation of England and Wales will play its part driving change to help the 43 forces to standardise vetting and take action on the recommendations the report has identified based on its conclusions and await the remainder of the inquiries’ findings.

“We encourage our members to report any behaviour that is cause for concern and to link in with their local force Federation branch for support and advice.”

Read the full report here.

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