Police Federation

Officers already stretched beyond human limits

National Chair Steve Hartshorn responds to Home Secretary's request for every theft to be investigated.


29 August 2023


The Government must provide the police service with sufficient resources and long-term, sustainable funding, if it is to meet growing demand.


In response to the Home Secretary’s announcement yesterday, stating police must investigate every theft, National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, Steve Hartshorn, said: "Undoubtedly each and every police officer in the country wants to provide an excellent service to the members of the community they strive to keep safe. 


"Unfortunately, headline-grabbing announcements by the Government will not help officers provide that service. It can only be done if the Government provides adequate resources to officers and makes sustained investment in the police service.


"I don’t think it’s rocket science to understand the current situation of officers in England and Wales. On one hand there’s population growth and increasing attrition rates, and on the other hand there’s below inflation pay rises against a cost-of-living crisis, haphazard funding and increasing workload. Our officers are stretched beyond human limits, and I am not sure how much additional pressure our already struggling forces will be able to withstand.


"It is, therefore, important we put it back on the Government and ask what provisions has it made to help officers provide the world-class service the public truly deserves. Is the Government really willing to invest in the police service to ensure officers are adequately equipped to meet these demands?"

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