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Officers urged to seek financial help during Covid-19 crisis

The Federation is working with financial partners to help members in difficulty at this time

24 March 2020

Belinda Goodwin

Police officers are being advised to seek help if they run into financial difficulties during the coronavirus crisis.

This could happen for example if a partner loses their job or is unable to work during self isolation. A number of support organisations exist, including No1 Copperpot, Payplan, Police Credit Union and Police Mutual, to provide practical help such as loans, advice on managing your finances better, obtaining a mortgage payment holiday and more are listed on our financial help page.

Belinda Goodwin, National Wellbeing Secretary for the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: "The growing crisis will bring unprecedented financial, mental health and physical problems for colleagues and our loved ones. There’s no escaping the fact finances will be stretched to breaking point and we’ll all be placed under a new type of pressure which none of us has ever experienced before.

"As police officers, we cope with the unimaginable every day. This though is a brand new, unknown challenge which we’ll face together and head-on as always. At this difficult time, there’s one piece of advice the Federation can give members which will have far-reaching consequences: Please DON’T bury your head in the sand and think this will just pass over."

The Federation is assisting members who are worried about how they will pay the mortgage, make credit card payments or put food on the table.

Ms Goodwin added: "While police officers will still be paid during the crisis, many of our loved ones could face unemployment and we may have new and significant childcare costs. I know that finding time just now to consider finances and your own wellbeing in this rapidly changing world is not easy. However, this is the time to pay attention to your future."

If you are worried about future payments, contact your lender. Don’t wait until you’ve missed a monthly payment to do so – do it now. The same applies to mobile phone and credit card bills, or to any other financial commitments you might have. Speak to your provider or bank BEFORE you get to the stage of non-payment.

For many years the Federation has worked alongside business partners to offer member benefits and discounts on a range of products. These partners are now stepping up to the mark to help you with your finances and wellbeing.

See our general information Covid-19/coronavirus and what it means for you, and our financial support page.

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