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We are having important conversations

PFEW CEO Mukund Krishna reveals his commitment to having open and honest conversations as part of his mission to transform the Federation.

2 May 2024


I’m writing this immediately after returning from an inspirational visit to colleagues in Greater Manchester. I had the opportunity to directly speak to GMP members at Progress House and sit in the afternoon session hosted by the GMP Chief Constable for officers and staff at Salford Stadium.

We discussed the organisational and reputational similarities between the Federation today and the GMP of two years ago. It was a privilege to hear about the progress made by GMP over the last few years to overcome various challenges to become one of the most celebrated forces in England and Wales.

In late April, I travelled to the West Midlands to attend their Branch Board Meeting. The chair of the branch’s board, Rich Cooke, is one of the lead claimants in the pension settlement as we continue to engage in finding an appropriate resolution it was important that we were able to meet. It was during this meeting that critical topics were covered, like the transformation of the Federation and the appointment of senior roles within the management team.


I have also had the opportunity recently to tour the scenic Mt. Browne Headquarters in Guildford, Surrey. It was here that, with the help of the Darren Pemble and Tom Arthur, Chair and Secretary of the Surrey Federation Branch, we spoke to officers on the job and continued these mutually beneficial chats.

I saw our officers answer emergency calls, first hand, on my visit around the police campus. I also had the privilege to ask them questions, like how the Federation can better help them and what their relationship was like with the organisation.

We discussed vulnerable topics like supporting their families and mental health as well as their thoughts on industrial action. I listened to their disappointment regarding the pension situation while learning how many officers value some of the services the Federation provides. I was made aware of specific situations and stories from this particular force as well as ideas that span the entire membership of the Federation.

Holding visits and roadshows across England and Wales is a priority for me: we exist for our members and so their voice is what matters. We must also do our best to dispel any rumours and misinformation, and present Federation members with the right facts on the future of our organisation.

I look forward to seeing many more of you, in person, over the next few weeks. If any branches want to organise a visit themselves, please get in touch with my office.

Thank you.

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