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Blog: How the Police Treatment Centre can help manage stress

As part of Stress Awareness Month, we are sharing some of the different support avenues that are available to our members.

22 April 2021


Dealing with any kind of stress can be difficult, but there is help out there for everyone. As part of Stress Awareness Month, we are sharing some of the different support avenues that are available to our members.


The Police Treatment Centre is a police charity operating two first class rehabilitation centres for police family across the UK. The centres treat around 4,000 police patients each year, offering a variety of support programmes to manage both physical and mental wellbeing.

One such service is a residential, two week Psychological Wellbeing Programme (PWP), specifically designed to treat officers with mild to moderate stress, anxiety and depression. Officers can attend this programme whether they are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression due to situations at home or in their working life.

Officers on the PWP can expect to take part in group sessions including stress management, coping strategies, sleep, trauma awareness and mindfulness. These sessions are designed to give officers the tools and techniques to help them cope. Also available are individual counselling sessions, during which a counsellor can provide a confidential listening ear, a sounding board to help make important decisions and provide advice, support and information. Attendees on the PWP are encouraged to utilise the centre’s gym and fitness facilities, as moderate exercise is believed to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

In addition to this, the PTC offers a two week Physiotherapy programme, where attendees can expect to receive intensive treatment and advice from leading physiotherapists. They will also have access to first class gym facilities, swimming pools, exercise classes and one on one support from fitness instructors.

The PTC believe that the environment at the centres helps to alleviate stress and ensure that officers are able to focus entirely on their own wellbeing. If you are interested in visiting or joining the Police Treatment Centres, get in touch with your local Fed rep who will be able to help. For more on what the Police Treatment Centres can offer you, visit The Police Treatment Centres


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