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Two officers, Sergeant Dan Griffin and PC Amy Pannell, have been nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards 2023 after apprehending an enraged knifeman who had stabbed one of them multiple times.

On the evening of 25 April last year, the two officers voluntarily stayed overtime to complete high visibility uniformed patrols in the Arboretum area of Nottingham City Centre.

Whilst on patrol the officers spotted two males acting suspiciously around a black Range Rover.

Initial attempts to detain the individuals for a search were met with extreme verbal abuse and a tense situation was escalated with speed by the verbal and physical threats from one of the individuals, now known to be Kai Green.

Green’s behaviour continued to increase in extremity as he physically resisted all efforts to restrain him.

Green was invading the officers’ space, clenching his fists, pushing out his chest and making verbal threats to both Sgt Griffin and PC Pannell.

Suddenly he pulled a knife from the pocket of his tracksuit bottoms and threatened to attack Sgt Griffin, ignoring all calls to drop the knife.

Sgt Griffin’s use of his PAVA incapacitant spray failed as Green shielded his face with the hood of his clothing and turned his back.

The action only enraged Green further, and he turned full on to Sgt Griffin with the knife and rapidly closed the space between the two.

PC Pannell, who was still a student officer at the time, was close to Green at this point, trying to pre-empt any attack and calm the situation.

Green ignored her requests to calm down and went for Sgt Griffin, who, in an effort to create and control the space ran back from Green, who then gave chase.

With no tactical option immediately available, Sgt Griffin tried to create as much space as possible by running a short distance up the street. However, Green caught up with Sgt Griffin and stabbed him twice in the buttock as he turned to face and tackle his assailant.

Green then made two more stabbing actions, one of which was to Sgt Griffin’s chest piercing his body armour.

Fortunately, Sgt Griffin’s body armour resisted the blade from penetrating into his chest. There is no doubt the body armour saved him from two further and significant stab wounds that may have killed him.

At this point Sgt Griffin was able to deploy his PAVA spray to full effect given the proximity to Green, and despite being in extreme pain and bleeding heavily, he was able to tackle Green to the ground.

He was immediately assisted by PC Pannell who, ignoring the danger and at great risk to herself, gave chase of Green as he hunted down Sgt Griffin.

She subdued Green, pinning his legs down whilst he remained uncuffed until further assistance arrived.

Recalling the events Sgt Griffin remarked: “I have never seen rage like it. Despite our best efforts, there was no stopping the suspect from hurting somebody.

“Nottinghamshire Police and the Federation have supported me throughout my recovery. I am now paying that support forward and using my experience to help improve welfare services and help people tackle the trauma involved in policing.”

PC Pannell added: “The incident has permanently changed me. I have received so much support from my family, friends, police family, and support from Nottinghamshire Police and the Federation, I was overwhelmed by the calls and messages of support and care.”

Hailing their bravery, Simon Riley, Chair of Nottinghamshire Police Federation, said: “This was a horrific incident in which one of our officers was viciously attacked by a man intent on causing harm.

“Both officers put themselves in harm’s way to protect the communities they serve by taking this thug off the streets. They both showed incredible courage, putting their lives on the line in the course of their duties.”

While Chief Constable Kate Meynell, Nottingham Police, said: “What happened to Sergeant Griffin on that day was not only one of the most horrific attacks we have seen for a long time but is a prime example of how our officers put themselves in harm’s way every day to protect the public.

“I am sure the events of that night will stay with Sergeant Griffin forever. I can only imagine the pain this must have caused to his family.

"Despite the personal trauma of that night, Sergeant Griffin’s passion and determination to serve the people of Nottingham has never waned and he is back serving the public. This is testament to his character, and I fully support this nomination.”

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