Police Federation

FOI 00233 - Pension reform


Received:3 September 2020

I specifically request all contact, correspondence, minutes of meetings, e-mails and reports involving the Home Office and the Police Federation to include negotiations / consultation between 2011 – 2020 regarding pensions, pension reforms and recommendations.

The PFEW General secretary at the time was Ian Rennie

The Home Secretary at the time was Theresa May

The PFEW General secretary was replaced by Andy Fittes


I request that following key word searches are used to assist locate my requested product:

  1. Police Federation
  2. Ian Rennie
  3. Police Pension
  4. CARE 2015
  5. PPS 1987
  6. NPPS 2006
  7. Thomas Winsor
  8. Lord Hutton
  9. Police Pension Act 1976
  10. Transitional arrangements
  11. Public Service Pensions Act 2013
  12. Andy Fittes
  13. Leigh Day


Responded:28 September 2020

We have previously been asked a similar question and have published the response on our website.

For ease the information is here:  https://www.polfed.org/about-us/access-to-information/disclosure-log/

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