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Engaging with the Government around the police pension schemes is one of our most important areas of work because a police pension has always been regarded as a key element of the remuneration of our members.

Below are the most recent updates pertaining to the Police Pensions.


October 2023 – Remedy Implementation

This update is being published to clarify the position for officers following the beginning of the implementation of the retrospective phase of the McCloud/Sargeant pensions remedy which commenced on 1 October 2023.  We hope that the information below will be of assistance in giving the latest position for officers at various stages of the remedy.

Officers who are not immediately approaching retirement

Officers who are eligible for remedy but are not retiring in the next 18 months can expect to receive a Remediable Service Statement (RSS) in the next 18 months.  The RSS will detail changes to contributions, tax and benefit accrual for service between 1 April 2015 – 31 March 2022 (the Remedy Period).  Until retirement, officers will be deemed to have been members of their original pension scheme (legacy scheme) and will be rolled back to that scheme.  At retirement, they will be offered the choice of whether to receive benefits from their original scheme or the 2015 Scheme for the Remedy Period.  Between now and retirement, their Annual Benefit Statements will show both options for benefit accrual during the Remedy Period.

Officers who are planning to retire in the next 12 months

PFEW have started to receive anecdotal evidence that officers who are requesting estimated retirement quotes for a retirement date in the next 12 months are being told that this is not possible until the officer provides their notice to retire.  PFEW do not accept this position and it is entirely at odds with providing the necessary information for officers to plan for their retirement.  We would advise officers to contact their local Federation Branch Board to make them aware, and additionally:

  • Make a formal complaint through the administrator’s Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure (IDRP)*
  • If the matter remains unresolved, or the complaint response is unsatisfactory, the officer can make a further (second stage) complaint through the IDRP, which is escalated to a more senior level
  • If the matter still remains unresolved, the complaint can then be escalated to the Pensions Ombudsman for consideration

Officers who are retiring immediately and not receiving full payment of their benefits on their retirement date

PFEW are also aware that some retiring officers are not receiving their commutation on their date of retirement, and/or pension in the first month of their retirement.  This is plainly unacceptable and potentially in breach of the existing Regulations, which may amount to a breach of statutory duty.  We have considered the opportunity to take a legal challenge, but it is likely that the matter will have been resolved by the time that it is heard by the court. 

Therefore, PFEW suggest that Federation Branches advise officers in this position to follow the complaints procedure outlined above*.  Importantly, for these cases, the complaint should specifically request for interest to be applied to both their commutation and pension to reflect the late payment.

*Note: Each administrator will have their own IDRP process/form.  Please note that it is not necessary for an officer to complete the administrator’s form in order to lodge a complaint.  Complaints may be submitted in writing (email or letter) and must be treated as a complaint provided that the contents explicitly state that the correspondence is being made to commence a formal complaint.


Officers who are retiring immediately and are refused the option of remedied benefits

Any officer retiring from 1 October 2023 (who is eligible for Remedy) must be given the option of choosing their benefits for the Remedy Period.  If any force or administrator refuses to provide this to an officer who is now retiring (i.e. no RSS will be issued and the officer will be retired on their benefits ‘as is’) then they should contact their Federation Branch Board who should submit a legal funding request as soon as possible.

Officers who retired before 1st October 2023

If they are in scope of the remedy, they must be contacted before April 2025 and offered their remedy choice.  They will be provided with a Remedial Service Statement (RSS) which will show the current position, and the legacy and reformed position for the remedy period.  Most administrators are aiming to have this exercise completed in 2024.  It is important that the administrators have up to date contact details for these officers.  Officers who retired due to ill-health will be dealt with first, followed by the survivors of bereaved officers, and then the rest, with administrators dealing with the worst affected officers in this group first.

Officers who wish to apply for Contingent Decisions

Some officers who opted out (or made other financial decisions related to changes to their pension arrangements) due to the pension changes can seek re-admission to the pension scheme for the Remedy Period through the Contingent Decisions route.  Whilst provision for the application of a Contingent Decision is provided for in Regulations, frustratingly there has been very little detail provided as to the exact process.  There is no centralised guidance, and decisions as to whether Contingent Decision applications are accepted have been remitted to Scheme Manager discretion.  Officers wishing to enquire as to this route should contact their pensions administrator in the first instance.  We are hopeful that there will be some guidance issued to Forces shortly around Contingent Decisions.

Please see the link to the FAQs for further information: Pension Remedy FAQs and calculator (polfed.org)

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