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Pay and morale

This year, we have amalgamated the Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey questions within the Pay and Morale Survey to enable us to focus on our members' welfare and wellbeing concerns alongside their views on pay and working conditions.

Capturing all the information in one survey will allow us to help our members avoid survey fatigue whilst highlighting welfare and wellbeing issues.

The survey will be live for members from September - October 2022.

This year’s survey is more important than ever as the findings will provide us with crucial evidence to influence our strategic approach for the ongoing national pay campaign, calling for fair remuneration for police officers.

The findings will also influence new and ongoing campaigns PFEW will undertake across all areas of policing.

The survey will be sent directly to members to ensure the integrity of our findings. If you have any trouble accessing the survey link or filling in the survey, please click here to review our support document. 

For more information please email communications@polfed.org.

What else do we do with the findings?

We also use the survey data to influence other policing stakeholders - for example, the College of Policing on initiatives such as competency-based pay. Also, HMICFRS have welcomed the robust and meaningful data, and now make use of the pay and morale survey findings in their national Police Effectiveness Efficiency and Legitimacy (PEEL) assessment reports. This ultimately benefits federated ranks by ensuring improved management and support systems. 

However, these are only some of many ways in which our members’ feedback via this survey is fed into our national and local policies. The survey also provides our local Branches with their officers’ views on pay and conditions, which helps when they discuss such matters with their chiefs and local MPs.

We also present results from the survey at high-profile academic conferences, and have published in peer-reviewed policing journals. We believe that this enhances the standing of the PFEW as an organisation that demonstrates rigour and transparency in our data and policy. Ultimately, this activity helps demonstrate the credibility of the work and makes it harder to dispute findings – however unpalatable other stakeholders may find them to be.

2021 survey

In our 2021 pay and morale survey police officers voiced almost total dissatisfaction with the Government. Of 29,587 officers who responded, 95% said their treatment by the Government had a negative impact on their morale, while 93% stated they did not feel respected by it.

Other findings include:
• 92% said they are not fairly paid for the stresses and strains of their job
• 86% said they do not feel fairly paid for the hazards within their job
• More than one in 10 regularly struggle to cover the cost of essential items
• 58% said their morale is low. This has increased from 48% last year
• 84% of respondents said treatment by the public had a negative impact on morale

You can read the Pay and Morale technical annexe here.

2020 survey

PFEW's 2020 survey ran from 28 July to 11 September 2020. The survey covered our usual cost of living and morale questions and also assess the impact of Covid-19 on officers finances, working conditions and morale. It also gauged views around the proposed 20,000 officer uplift. The 2020 survey revealed that, 86% of respondents said they did not feel fairly paid in relation to the stresses and strains of the job, 65% of respondents reported the COVID-19 crisis has had a negative impact on their morale and 76% felt unfairly paid for the risks & responsibilities of their job during the pandemic.

The 2020 survey revealed:

- 86% of respondents said they did not feel fairly paid in relation to the stresses and strains of the job.

- 65% of respondents reported the COVID-19 crisis has had a negative impact on their morale.

- 76% felt unfairly paid for the risks & responsibilities of their job during the pandemic.

Pay and Morale Survey 2020 national reports:

Attitudes Towards Pay

Cost of Living


Morale and Engagement

Professional Development

Technical Annex

Officer Uplift

The 2020 pay and morale survey reports for each branch can be found on our  Survey hub.


2019 survey

The findings from the 2019 pay and morale survey revealed that only 36% of respondents said they had enough money to cover their monthly essentials, with around one in eight admitting they have had to seek financial support to cover day to day expenses within the last year. Out of the 19,654 respondents to the survey conducted between June and August 2019, almost 75% said they felt worse off financially than they were five years ago. 

Our submission to the PRRB contributed to the achievement of a 2.5% uplift in pay for all ranks, and the lowest rung of the sergeants' pay scale was scrapped in line with our recommendations.

2018 survey

Our 2018 pay and morale survey found that more police officers than ever (7.8%) had taken second jobs. This was up 6.3% on the previous year. A staggering 44.8% said they worried about the state of their personal finances either every day or almost every day. And more than one in nine (11.8%) said they never or almost never had enough money to cover all of their essentials. This was up from 11% on the year before. The vast majority of respondents, 87.9%, did not feel fairly paid considering the stresses and strains of their job. More than 27,000 police officers - nearly a quarter of all ranks from constable to chief inspector - took part in the survey.

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