Police Federation

FOI 00313 - PFEW supported Employment Tribunal outcomes


Received:29 March 2023

I would like to request a break down of the outcomes of employment tribunals that are supported by the PFEW for Police Officers.  Outcomes may include withdrawal, settlement, claim rejected by the Tribunal, claim upheld by the Tribunal, or withdrawn of funding, but this may not be an exhaustive list. If this can be broken down by Force/ Service this would also be greatly appreciated.


Responded:4 April 2023

Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) confirms that it does hold this data but is exempting the request under Section 12(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000: Cost of compliance exceeds appropriate limit. 

 After some enquiries, it has been ascertained that the data you have requested is not recorded in the manner requested and would therefore entail a manual search and collation of data to respond to your request. There are more than 3000 records which would need to be searched and PFEW has estimated that the cost and time of this exercise would far exceed the limits of the £450 and 18 hours stipulated by the legislation. 

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