Police Federation

FOI 00168 - Former police officers as Consultants


Received:18 June 2019

Can you please provide details of how former police officers are selected as consultants e.g. Ian Rennie, Tony Barton, specifically :

1) Advert for the appointment .

2) Any oversight and complaints for example your I eternal lawyers can be reported to the SRA, which governing body oversees Rennie ET al.

3) Have you received complaints including those around negligence, inability to grasp the issues.

4) How much is Rennie ET al paid.


Responded:3 July 2019

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) confirm that we hold no adverts for appointment in relation to the two individuals mentioned above. Selection of consultants is dependant upon the role to be filled. Some experts in the field are secured directly, some appointments are advertised externally, and some are secured through agencies.

They are consultants to the PFEW; therefore, oversight of these consultants is handled internally. Any complaints would be made to the Secretary of the relevant Board or through the National Secretary.

Yes we have received complaints.

Consultants are paid approximately £300 per case taken.

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