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Officer uplift leads to urgent need for more resources

2 February 2021

Professional Development Lead Dave Bamber

Professional Development Lead Dave Bamber

A new survey from the Police Federation of England and Wales has found the influx of inexperienced new recruits who joined as part of the Officer Uplift require more supervision from Sergeants and Tutor Constables- a demand that over half of respondents said hasn’t been reflected in the time and resources available.

The Federation’s latest Demand, Capacity and Welfare survey, which was released on Thursday, also found that 32% of Sergeants expected the average number of Constables they are responsible for during a typical shift to increase due to the uplift programme; with over half of these respondents (54%) also indicating that it is unlikely or extremely unlikely that they will have enough time and resources to manage this increase in their shift management responsibilities.

Dave Bamber, PFEW’S Professional Development Lead, said: “All too often the organization is happy to assess Sergeants but not develop them. This influx of younger, more inexperienced officers will put pressure on staff to supervise them when they haven’t had the additional training they need to do this. Added to this, the recruits’ lack of experience means that more supervision will be needed.

Sergeants are investing in the development of their officers- but who is investing in the development of the Sergeants?”

To read the full Sergeants' survey, and for more information, click here

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