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New docu exposes scandal of officer assaults

29 April 2019

Starting this evening, Monday 29 April at 10pm, Channel 5’s new four-part series Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack will lift the lid on the dangers facing police officers.

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has worked with the broadcaster on the ground-breaking series to show how trauma is taking its toll on Britain’s thin blue line.

In an innovative approach, bodycam footage and first-hand accounts reveal how far suspects will go to try and avoid arrest. In week one of the series, viewers will witness an officer violently assaulted during a routine traffic patrol and even a police dog being bitten by a suspect as they try to escape the scene.

The series looks at the pressures facing modern policing and the impact trauma is having on a force that has been stripped to the bone.

In February, results of PFEW’s Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey showed a staggering 66% of police officers reporting they were subject to an unarmed, violent attack last year. Of these, a devastating 31% said they experienced attacks on a monthly basis.

This comes as continued cuts leave officers little alternative but to patrol alone. Results also showed that 76% of respondents from relevant frontline roles indicated that they are often or always single-crewed.

Talking about the impact Channel 5’s Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack, National Chair John Apter said: “Officers are stressed, exhausted and consistently exposed to such horrific situations, which most people will thankfully never have to see – and programmes like this show the impact this can have. I welcome any series that highlights the level of violence our police officers are subjected to on a daily basis, it’s important that the public see this.”

The Federation is now lobbying government for a centrally funded long-term investment that allows forces to restore officer numbers and reverse the rise of crime on our streets. Watch Vice-Chair Che Donald calling for Government to take responsibility for its mistakes after April crime statistics showed an increase in crime across the board.

This follows our Protect the Protectors campaign, which secured tougher punishments for criminals who assault police officers, with culprits now facing up to 12 months behind bars.

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