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Transition into retirement with NARPO

Alleviating stress for a smooth transition into retirement.

21 December 2023


Retirement can be a challenging transition, especially for those who have enjoyed long careers in the service.

However, with planning and preparation, this phase can be a positive experience. NARPO, which represents over 93,000 former police officers, staff, their partners, and former partners, is dedicated to ensuring a fulfilling later life for its members.

We offer a comprehensive range of support services, including pensions advice, holiday and shopping discounts, and welfare resources. Our goal is to alleviate any stress and provide a smooth transition into retirement.

A change of pace
Transitioning from a fast-paced job to a more relaxed lifestyle can be a significant adjustment. Many NARPO members have found fulfilling ways to fill their time after leaving the force, some choosing to volunteer, using their experience to make a positive impact in their communities, while others discover new hobbies and interests.

Additionally, with our exclusive holiday discounts, many members choose to take the vacation they always dreamed of and explore new places. For those not quite ready to retire, our digital vacancies board offers tailored roles for ex police officers looking to seek alternative employment. While the change may feel overwhelming at first, there are countless possibilities waiting for you.

Looking after your physical and mental health
A career in the police service can have a lasting impact on physical and mental health. It is crucial to prioritise your welfare in retirement by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this includes consuming nutritious foods, staying hydrated, and ensuring sufficient sleep to care for both your body and mind.

If you are facing difficulties, seeking help is important. NARPO collaborates with various organisations and charities to develop resources on wellbeing, which are available on our national website and in NARPO News, our quarterly magazine.

Moreover, numerous NARPO branches have welfare officers who are trained to support members by providing referrals to specialist organisations.

When planning for retirement, it is crucial to thoroughly assess your income and expenses. As the shift from saving to spending occurs, your financial circumstances are bound to alter. Your pension can play a pivotal role in this transition, and NARPO is available to offer guidance and support on a range of pension-related matters. These include information on pension increases, taxation concerns, and potential entitlements to gratuities and pensions for those who have sustained permanent injuries while on duty.

Staying connected
It can be a massive change when you no longer see your colleagues every day, especially if you have worked with them for years. The police career is unique and not easily understood by those outside the force, which may lead to feelings of isolation or even loneliness.

To combat this, joining local social groups and organisations like NARPO can help you make new friends and reconnect with those who have previously left the force. It's a great opportunity to build a support network and find camaraderie with others who understand your experiences.

At NARPO we believe that life doesn’t stop after the police, it flourishes.

Start your retirement journey today by downloading our free pre-retirement checklist.

Become a NARPO member today and benefit from expert advice and exclusive deals – all for just £26.28 a year. Visit www.narpo.org for more information.

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