Police Federation

FOI 00291 - Endorsement of CanCard


Received: 3 June 2022

Please provide the documents used in order to endorse the CanCard by the Police Federation. https://cancard.co.uk 


CanCard publicly states backing from the Police Federation on their website. 


There is little public information on how or why the Police Federation chose to endorsed the scheme. If it is in fact backed by the Police Federation as CanCard claims and if information are sent to your members and staff. 


Please include the petition/request for endorsement, rationale behind the request (such as meetings, agendas or minutes where such endorsement was discussed or granted) and why it was granted. 


Responded: 1 July 2022

The Police Federation of England and Wales confirm there is no official PFEW endorsement of the card.  The PFEW National Treasurer, Simon Kempton, also the designated PFEW National Drug Lead, provided a statement based on his view of the principles after being invited to assist with considerations on the likely impact to active policing.  As you will see from publicly available press releases, they also consulted with others such as the NPCC, College of Policing and Parliament. 


As no endorsement has been made there are no petitions or requests for endorsement that can be provided. 

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