Police Federation

FOI 00274 - Career transition support for officers


Received:17 November 2021

The intention behind this request is ultimately to offer officers a more comprehensive and more valuable experience as they prepare to transition out of policing. 


  1. Which forces do you provide career transition support for? 
  1. What criteria must be met for an officer to qualify for this support? 
  1. Who is the provider for each force? e.g. PMAS, Mightify etc… 
  1. Is this provided under contract or is this a casual agreement? 
  1. What is the cost of this service? 
  1. Is this service provided in-person or virtually? 
  1. What is the frequency of these events? 
  1. Who within the Police Federation is the key decision maker regarding career transition offerings? 


Responded:15 December 2021

We can confirm that the Police Federation of England and Wales does not provide “career transition” support. 

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