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FOI 00269 - PFEW relationship with Isle of Man Police Federation


Received:6 September 2021

  1. Is the Isle of Man Police Federation a branch or an affiliated legal entity of the UK Police Federation? 
  2. Are you aware of any Isle of Man Police Federation contact details or legal entity registration number or do you hold copies of any corporate documents? 
  3. Are there any informal agreements by tradition such as delegate attendance at conferences, memorandums of understanding, contractual agreements such as training, legal support, circulated subject matter, etc? 
  4. Is there any UK Police Federation relationship with a similar organisation in Jersey or Guernsey or Gibraltar? 
  5. I unexpectedly identified in a discussion with a tax accountant what I believed was an administrative error in relation to a specific employee but the independent lawyer to the Isle of Man police pension scheme subsequently concurred and highlighted the issue could affect all relevant present and former officers since 1st April 1993. 


Was the UK Police Federation made aware of any issues with the Isle of Man index linked police housing/rent allowance at any time but in particular December 2016 - March 2017 or more recently September 2020 - September 2021? 




Responded:4 November 2021

The Isle of Man Police Federation is not affiliated to the Police Federation of England and Wales. 


The Isle of Man Police service is a self-governing crown dependency and is not part of the police service of England and Wales. 


We have relationships with all overseas staff associations and federations, but those not to know the detail raised in the question. 

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