Police Federation

FOI 00254 - Costs related to Andrew Hall inquest


Received:7 April 2021

  1. Please disclose the total amount claimed in legal expenses, in respect of the above, for the periods ended 31.3.2017; 31.3.2018; 31.3.2019; 31.3.2020; 31.3.2021. To include, but not limited to representation for Members before and at:
    • Pre-inquest hearings (Ref 03287-2016)
    • Judicial Review (Case ref: CO/3140/2019)
    • Court of Appeal (Case refs C1/2019/2881, 2893, 0355)
    • Supreme Court - Permission application heard 30th March, 2021 but no court reference available as yet.
  2. Please also disclose the number of Members funded by the Federation .
  3. Finally, please provide the sum budgeted to spend on the subject inquest in the financial year ended 31st March, 2022.


Responded:30 April 2021

The Police Federation of England and Wales can confirm that we hold this information.

  1. Our Claims system does not break down the periods as you have outlined, nor are the invoices submitted in the periods you have outlined therefore we can provide the following:
    • Invoices received in 2019 = £60,385
    • Invoices received in 2020 = £36,000
  2. 14
  3. The cost reserve currently set is £396,910 across the duration of the case.


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