Police Federation

FOI 00191 - Corporate hospitality register


Received:7 October 2019

Please confirm

(i) There is a corporate hospitality register maintained by the Police Federation of England and Wales?

(ii) If there is a register does this cover the entire country or are each Branch required to keep their own?

(iii) If there is more than one register, which register is used to record matters for those who whilst still members of their home force and board are also on the national committee

(iv) how long are the registers kept for


Responded:28 October 2019

The Police Federation of England and Wales can confirm that:

  1. We do not currently maintain a corporate hospitality register. A register will be initiated from January 2020.
  2. Each branch will be required to maintain their own from January 2020.
  3. Records relating to the 8 Principle Officer roles are held Nationally at HQ, records relating to other National Council roles are held within branches locally
  4. Registers are kept for 3 years
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