Police Federation

FOI 00174 - Injury on duty consultants


Received:12 July 2019

You have so called 'experts' employed who triage and deal with claims from officers regarding injury on duty issues.

  1. Please tell me what qualifications they hold and who has deemed them 'experts' in this area?
  2. Please provide all documentation regarding this decision.
  3. Who agreed their employment?
  4. Please provide all documentation on this decision.
  5. How many 'experts' do you employ?
  6. In relation to point 5, how many of these 'experts' are ex federation representatives? Either from the national federation or from local branch boards.


Responded:9 August 2019

  1. The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) do not hold records of advisors professional and legal qualifications.  Any advisor PFEW engages is required by PFEW to have sufficient knowledge or expertise in a given area.
  2. PFEW does not hold this information.
  3. IOD Consultants are not employed by PFEW. The engagement of any professional advisor is approved by the National Secretary.
  4. PFEW would not provide copies of contracts with any retained or engaged specialist or professional advisor for reasons of commercial sensitivity.
  5. IOD Consultants are not employed by PFEW. Currently we engage one professional advisor on a case by case basis.
  6. One.
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