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Nottinghamshire Police Federation

The Police Treatment Centres

A force for promoting and improving health and wellbeing

The Police Treatment Centres (PTC) is a registered charity which provides treatment and support, including intensive, police-specific physiotherapy and rehabilitation, for injured and ill police family members.

It supports serving and retired police officers, Police Community Support Officers, detention/custody officers, Special Constables and Police Staff Investigators (including CSIs and Civilian Investigators) who make the voluntary donation via direct debit/payroll.

Expenses covered

If you are a member of the Nottinghamshire Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme, then you are able to claim an expenses benefit for your stay at a PTC. 

Please ensure that you take the claim form with you so that a member of PTC staff can confirm your attendance for treatment.

You may also be able to claim additional benefits for mileage from the Nottinghamshire Police Benevolent Fund.  Please e-mail Benevolent Fund secretary Detective Inspector Clare Gibson for further details

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For just a small donation you could have the comfort of knowing the PTC will be there for you if you are injured or ill, through free treatment, support and recuperation, including intensive, police-specific, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter if your injury occurs on or off duty – it could have occurred playing football or even walking the dog.

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Physiotherapy programme

Each patient attending for physiotherapy is thoroughly assessed regarding their condition upon arrival, and the volume of treatment is decided by an experienced clinician. A tailored programme is then developed based on the individual’s clinical needs.

Treatment is holistic and includes:

  • Intensive and individualised physiotherapy
  • Police-specific, personalised treatment programmes
  • Varied fitness classes
  • General nutrition and education sessions
  • Tailored exercise programmes from fitness instructors
  • First-class rehab gym
  • Treatment and hydrotherapy pools.

Online physiotherapy outpatients

The online physiotherapy outpatient service gives you access to the usual high standard of expert advice and treatment with the benefit, flexibility and comfort of carrying this out in your own home.

A huge benefit is gained from the close working arrangement within the clinical staff, ensuring all patients are well equipped to continue their rehabilitation when they leave.

Psychological wellbeing programme

Alongside the physiotherapy programme, the Treatment Centres also offers a psychological wellbeing programme for those who need support with stress, anxiety and other such conditions.

This is a two-week structured programme designed specifically for serving officers.

When attending on the psychological wellbeing programme, you can expect to take part in:

  • Group sessions and workshops focusing on stress management, relaxation, sleep, mindfulness and so on 
  • Daily group exercise sessions
  • Individual counselling sessions
  • Individual complementary therapy sessions
  • Use of rehab gym as time allows.

Retired officer wellbeing programme

The retired officer wellbeing programme is a one-week programme designed specifically for those who have retired from the police Family and have a formal diagnosis of mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

Please note, this programme is not intended to address symptoms of PTSD which require a longer input.

The programme offers a seven-day residential stay, Monday to Sunday, culminating in a weekend stay of relaxation and reflection in the safe environment of either Harrogate or Auchterarder.

There will be five days of group workshops and classes, and there will also be the option to take part in low-level exercise classes including Tai Chi and yoga , access to class-leading gym facilities and pools and the opportunity to build a tailor made fitness and health programme with one of the PTC fitness instructors.

Apply for treatment

  • Admission is based upon clinical need and is normally two weeks for serving officers and one week for retired officers
  • The majority of treatment is residential. In some circumstances provision for non-residential treatment as a day patient may also be considered
  • The remote physiotherapy outpatient service will supplement our established residential treatment.
  • There are self-catering cottages at each centre to assist in accommodating patients where ‘family’ accommodation would support their ability to attend for treatment
  • At times the clinical teams will suggest a later admission date if they feel this would be more beneficial depending on an individual’s circumstances. i.e. due to the recovery process after some types of surgery or after other forms of intervention have been completed
  • All applications are subject to clinical assessment & approval
  • All psychological wellbeing programme applications receive a phone call pre-admission from a nurse
  • Application forms for treatment can be found on the PTC website Alternatively, forms are available from occupational health units and Police Federation representatives.
  • Applications for further admission should not normally be made until at least 12 months has elapsed since a previous admission period.

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