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Nottinghamshire Police Federation


I was told I had to start my shift earlier than scheduled, what can I claim?

Where the time at which an officer is due to commence a rostered tour of duty is brought forward without due notice (less than eight hours) so that they are required to commence duty on a day in which they have already completed their normal period of duty. The time for which they are on duty before the rostered commencement time shall be reckonable as over-time and also taken into account as part of that tour of duty. The Force day commences at 7am.

If you are given more than eight hours’ notice of the duty change then your working day merely starts at the new time. If the time you are brought on at is before 7am following a period of rest days then you will be eligible to claim rest day over-time (minimum four hours).

I had to remain at work at the end of my shift what can I claim?

If you work over-time after hours on your scheduled tour of duty, and you were not informed of the over-time prior to the commencement of this tour of duty, it is classed as unplanned over-time and you cannot claim over-time for the first 30 minutes worked.

For example, if your tour of duty is 1400 x 2200, you cannot claim over-time until 22:30. Any over-time you claim after that is at time and a third, for payment, or TOIL. The choice is yours, not the Forces.

If you work unplanned over-time on four occasions during the same week then on the fifth and any other occasion in which you may have to work over-time you no longer lose the first half hour for the rest of that week.

If you were asked to work over-time prior to the commencement of your tour of duty this is planned over-time and you do not lose the first half an hour when calculating how much time you have worked over.

I had to remain at work at the end of my shift after nights going onto a rest day what can I claim?

If you are required to work over following a night shift and this is going into you rest day, you are entitled to claim up to one hour over-time at time and a half. After that hour if you still have to remain on duty you will get a minimum of four hours at time and a half even if the period of over-time is less than four hours. You do not lose the first half an hour.