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Nottinghamshire Police Federation


What is it?

Wellfed provides access to members of the Group Insurance Scheme to physiotherapy, osteopathic treatment, sports/therapeutic massage and counselling/emotional support services. The objective of the programme is to keep you as healthy as you can possibly be in work or retirement.

How can I access WellFed?

You must be a member of the Group Insurance Scheme. To be enrolled on the Wellfed programme, just email Dave.keen@polfed.org and you will be given the relevant information and, if suitable, treatment will be authorised.

Once authorised you will be required to make payment for the first two treatments, after which the professional will make contact with us and will be provided with a URN (unique reference number) which will then enable you to receive further funded treatments. This will be four sessions prior to a review as to progress, with a possibility that further sessions will be authorised.

There are currently a number of professional outlets that we use as listed below.

  1. Rory Holliday (physiotherapist) based in Mansfield.
  2. Jen Argles (sports massage therapist - Knotts Soft Tissue Therapy) based in Eastwood or mobile appointments.
  3. Becky Tyler (BTST Osteopathy & Sports Massage Clinic).
  4. Mansfield Clinic with Beverley Law (acupuncture).

You can select whichever you feel is suitable for you geographically or on treatment needs, all treat injuries, sport and non-sport related and deal with work related postural problems have a look at their websites or FB pages before you self-refer.

Once you have paid for the first two sessions, subject to the service provider receiving Group Insurance approval, further funded appointments can then be arranged.

You must seek the approval from the Group Insurance Manager (currently Dave Keen) prior to commencing treatment to avoid any difficulties in further funding.

My issue isn’t physical – I’m struggling to cope. How can WellFed help me?

We have a wonderful treatment called Therapeutic Massage that will assist relaxation and hopefully the ability to cope with everyday pressures. We also have access to a wide range of emotional support options and services that are provided in complete confidence, are completely unconnected with the Police network and will help you back to full health.

I’m off sick and don’t know what to do?

If you are off sick or struggling to stay at work please contact our welfare/wellbeing lead, Dave Keen immediately on 0115 8445981 or email Dave.keen@polfed.org. We will develop a bespoke care package and guide you back to being you ASAP.


Rory Holliday – physiotherapy

Rory Holliday qualified at the Bradford School of Physiotherapy in 2000. Following five years of NHS physiotherapy in Bradford, Rory worked at the Police Treatment Centres in Harrogate until 2015. Since then Rory Has been working privately and building his Mansfield based practice. Rory works with a broad range of musculoskeletal problems and injuries, from chronic low back pain to the acute sprained ankle, and everything in between.

Jen Senior – sports massage

Jen graduated from Keele University with a degree in geography, and found herself working and travelling around the world living in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland before returning to the UK to retrain in soft tissue therapy with The Oxford School of Sports Massage. Since qualifying, Jen has been working from a gym in Kirkby, providing sports massage to the members and public, whether a keen athlete or an office worker with stress. Soft tissue therapy is used in the treatment of minor and chronic musculoskeletal conditions and lessen the soft tissue discomfort associated with everyday occupational stresses.

Soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue therapy uses a variety of techniques that manipulates soft tissue through specific application of pressure, combined with mobilisation of the associated joints. It is used in order to release hypertonic muscles, scar tissue, lesions and adhesions present within the tissue. It works on the facia, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Soft tissue therapy, if used early enough after an accident, trauma or injury, can reduce the development of painful muscle pattern.

Soft tissue therapy can be used with clients presenting overuse injury through sport or from a physically demanding job, poor posture to accidents such as slipping on the floor, physical and emotional stress, illness and post surgery. They can also be used in pre and post events.

Soft tissue therapy can be used on anyone.

Soft tissue benefits:

  • Improve range of motion and flexibility
  • Breakdown of adhesions and scar tissue
  • Increase/decrease muscle tone
  • Improve postural awareness
  • Prevent and detect possible injury
  • Identify causes
  • Increase recovery after training and aid rehabilitation
  • Part of a training regime
  • Return to full function after surgery/accidents/falls
  • Correct muscle imbalances.
  • Deactivate trigger points
  • Relieve muscle pain and spasm.

Respite breaks

We have a huge amount of resources available to assist you both mentally and physically. Our team will guide you through whatever you are dealing with making the best use of all the facilities we have to hand. We also have the ability to send you on a Respite break should it be deemed appropriate.