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Nottinghamshire Police Federation

News update - December 2022

In September 2022 we renewed the scheme for our members and made every effort to secure the very best cover in the areas we felt were important to the membership. You may recall the communications sent out with regards to this renewal. I was at great pains not to increase the deductions for our members and as such swallowed up the annual increments from the reserves of the fund.

Over the last month we have received several serious complaints from our members about the service of The Home Emergency Assistance provision, which to be frank has fallen well below what we would expect. Despite efforts to remedy it, these issues have continued, with a failure to provide an appropriate level of cover and in some cases no service at all. We had not changed our provider for this cover so I can give no reasoned explanation for this failing.

I have therefore taken the difficult decision, in consultation with our Trustees, to cease this provision from our scheme with effect from 31 December 2022. This was not an easy decision and I appreciate it is far from ideal, but I cannot sit idly by and allow the reputation of our scheme to be tarnished by a substandard service on this scale. The issues raised were not isolated or of such a volume to indicate it was a one-off or a short-term problem. We pride ourselves on providing the very best in all the areas we cover, that cannot be compromised. This is the first time we have had to cease one of our provisions mid-term and has not been entered into lightly.

If you require an emergency home assistance provision, then please make alternative arrangements as our cover will no longer be valid.

Any savings that result in this cancellation will be reinvested into our scheme but, as we had swallowed up the annual increase across all areas, it may well not amount to much. You have my guarantee that any surplus will be directed into our reserves and the Well-Fed Scheme which will be used to address any future increased deductions.

Well-Fed provides all members with access to counselling and emotional support services, physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports and therapeutic massages and corporate membership to both Yorkshire Wildlife Park and The White Post Farm.

For full details of the level of cover and for all the latest claim forms please go to the Group Insurance Scheme pages.

Dave Keen

Group Insurance manager

Email Dave.