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Oscar Kilo - the National Police Wellbeing Service

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Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS) provides essential support and guidance for all police forces across England and Wales.

Developed for policing, by policing, each of the services available through Oscar Kilo is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of officers and staff - both serving and retired, along with their families.

Sitting with the College of Policing, and working closely with the National Police Chiefs’ Council and Home Office, here are some of the areas Oscar Kilo supports:

  • OK Life: Focussing on the impact sleep, nutrition and physical activity have on the life of officers

  • Operation Hampshire: Providing a consistent strategy, processes and guidance to follow in response to assaults on police officers

  • OK9: Aiming to ensure wellbeing and trauma support dogs are available to all forces who wish to introduce them

  • Peer support for wellbeing: A training programme created to provide forces with all they need to implement an efficient and fully functioning peer support network

  • Wellbeing leadership: Information and tools designed to support people of every level to implement better wellbeing leadership skills.

  • The Blue Light Wellbeing Framework (BLWF): A benchmarking tool for forces to assess their wellbeing provision

  • The national police wellbeing survey: Provides every member of the policing workforce across England and Wales with the opportunity to share how they truly feel at work

In addition, Oscar Kilo provides ongoing toolkits and resources for members to access, all of which aim to improve their wellbeing and resilience. From the ‘Better Sleep Toolkit’ to the ‘Mindfulness’ sessions, there are plenty to choose from.

You can access an eight-week mindfulness course at MindFit Cop • Oscar Kilo

Find out more about how Oscar Kilo can support you by visiting its website