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Nottinghamshire Police Federation

Rest days

What can I claim for working on a rest day?

A member of a police force of the rank of constable or sergeant shall, if required to do duty on a day, which is a rostered rest day, and they received less than 15 days’ notice of the requirement to work,  are entitled to payment or time off (officer’s choice) at the rate of time and a half. Please note when working out the day’s notice you do not count the day you were asked or the day you are to work.

I work into my rest day after a night shift, what can I claim?

Where the period worked is less than one hour you are entitled to each 15-minute period at time and a half.  If the period worked is over an hour then a minimum period of four hours at time and a half is payable.

Please look in the Quick Reference Guide or contact the Federation office.

What happens if I work more than a tour or rostered shift on a rest day or public holiday?

Your entitlement is governed by Regulation 26 which covers rest day or public holiday working compensation - each 15-minute period worked is paid at the relevant rate (time and a half for rest days, double time for public holidays).

My rest day was cancelled for an operational reason, I am now no longer required to work on that day as they have scaled the operation down, what am I entitled to?

When a rest day is cancelled in anticipation of an operational need for which in any event an officer is not required to attend for duty:

  • Where the officer is told with more than seven days (and less than 15 days) notice that they will not after all be required to work on their rest day, they will take the rest day with no compensation.
  • Where the officer is given less than eight days notice they can choose between taking the rest day with no compensation or working on the rest day with compensation in accordance with Police Regulations.

What travelling time can I claim when working on a rest day?

Where an officer is required for duty on a public holiday or on a rostered rest day, their period of duty shall include the time occupied by them travelling to and from their place of duty. This will be disregarded where the period of duty exceeds six hours.

Travelling expenses may also be claimed, for the journey, this ceases when there is no travel time included in the over-time.