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Nottinghamshire Police Federation

Menopause survey: Fed members urged to take part to make change

16 November 2023

Nottinghamshire Police Federation is encouraging as many members as possible to take a national menopause survey.

The ‘EveryonePause’ survey was launched to mark World Menopause Day and closes at the end of November.

Simon Riley, chair of Nottinghamshire Police Federation, said: “We would really like to see as many people as possible taking part in this survey

“I don’t think it should just be confined to women either; everyone will be affected by the menopause in some way, either directly or because you are close to someone experiencing the menopause.

“The more information we can collate through this survey the better the Federation can respond in terms of identifying and sharing good practice and helping tackle any problem areas.



“Please consider taking part in the survey and let your views and experiences be known.”

National Federation women’s lead Hayley Aley, who is taking the lead with the survey, also urged as many members as possible to take part in the online survey.

She said: “Across the Federation, women representatives have reported that there is improvement since the first survey findings and the progress forces have made to support officers and staff are welcomed.

“However, the picture varies from force to force and we now want to see what still needs to be done to support all at this difficult time in their lives.”

She added: “Senior leaders have a responsibility for the welfare and wellbeing of their workforce, and to support individuals appropriately when they need it.

“The purpose of this survey is to give us the evidence we can provide to leaders to action what needs to change, to praise those that are getting it right, to share some good practice and to ensure forces provide the right support and guidance to all.”

The survey is a joint project being conducted by researchers at the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), and on behalf of PFEW, UNISON, the Police Superintendents’ Association, the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

Take part in the survey.

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