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Nottinghamshire Police Federation

Fed’s latest full-time rep determined to create a better future for policing

21 November 2023

The equality lead for Nottinghamshire Police Federation says she is determined to create a better working environment for the next generation of policing.

Jasmine Chaplain (Jaz) is the latest Fed rep to join the team full-time and now wants to use her experience in the Force to better support her colleagues.

She spent four years as an officer, having previously worked for three years in a civilian role, but she says becoming a full-time Fed rep has completely taken her out of her comfort zone.

“I loved being a part-time Fed rep, so when the opportunity came up for me to be full-time, I jumped at the chance. And it’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” said the 28-year-old.


The equality lead for Nottinghamshire Police Federation, Jasmine Chaplain (Jaz).


“This role has completely taken me out of my comfort zone, it’s been a huge learning curve. Put me out on the streets fighting crime any day, but being a Fed rep brings with it a whole new challenge. It has tested everything I know about myself.

“I’ve had to completely re-train my brain. I think it’s because it’s often not as black and white as in frontline policing - there are clear laws to follow when you’re a cop. Whereas when you’re a Fed rep, the rules are a lot broader with them mostly being civil, and you deal with each person or case individually.”

Jaz says that when she was a frontline police officer, she was always happy to put herself out and give feedback, and she now wants to encourage others to do the same.

“When I was a frontline officer, I always wanted to make things better and would often speak out to resolve issues for others,” she continued.

“As a Fed rep, I want to raise awareness of the Federation, and the work that we do. I want to encourage people to have confidence in themselves and put their heads above the parapet, so they can help shape the future of policing. 

“It’s vital for Fed reps to have as much knowledge of the issues going on in the force as possible - but this information only comes if people speak up.”

Jaz says that as a younger Fed rep, she feels she understands some of the challenges and issues student officers and new recruits are facing.

“I want to represent all members but especially new recruits. Some of those who join are completely new to the challenges in policing, I want them to feel comfortable approaching me. I want to put a metaphorical arm around them, and give them the support they need when they most need it.”

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