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Norfolk Police Federation

Regional Structure

The national Police Federation is made up of 43 branches, one in each of the forces. Each branch of the Federation has a Chair and Secretary who form part of the National Council.  Groups of forces are then split into regions - there are 8 regions and each region has elected regional reps who come from within that region. Region 4 also has 2 regional representatives.  These regional reps form part of the National Board.  

Norfolk Police Federation is part of region 4 as below.


Region 4 map















 Our regional reps are (from left to right) Craig Hewitt (Head of Civil Claims) from Lincolnshire and Tiff Lynch from Leicestershire (National Vice-Chair)


The role of the National Board (NB) is to lead and run the Federation, and to make policy decisions. It is the strategic driver of the organisation, formulating strategy and putting it to the National Council.

The NB is made up of 24 representatives from across our eight regions:

  • The National Chair - elected by members
  • 22 individuals (elected by the National Council)
  • The National Secretary - appointed by members of the Board

The new National Board officially came into effect from 1 September 2018 replacing the Interim National Board (INB) which existed during a period of organisational change from 2014.

There are eight Principal Officers within the NB, of which the Chair and General Secretary are two. The remaining roles are National Treasurer, National Vice Chair, Deputy National Secretary, Deputy Treasurer, Head of Civil Claims and Head of Criminal Claims.