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Norfolk Police Federation

Retired Officers Scheme

Retired Officers application form

Group Insurance Package Policy Booklet

Worldwide Family Travel Insurance Full Policy Booklet

Worldwide Family Travel Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

Worldwide Family Travel Insurance - Policy Schedule

RAC Breakdown Summary of Cover

RAC Breakdown Full Policy Wording

Legal Expenses Cover Full Policy Wording

Legal Expenses Cover - Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

Gadget Cover Summary of Cover

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CareFirst Lifestyle

Arc Legal - Online Legal Documents - register on the site, to obtain the voucher code to apply the 100% discount please call tor e-mail the Fed office on 01603 971420 / Norfolk@polfed.org

Life Insurance Beneficiary Nomination Form / Change of Nomination



Worldwide Travel Insurance


To make a claim please call 01689 892 262

Overseas Assistance: 00 44 23 8064 4633

Healthline: 01689 892 262


Important Information please read below:


Health restrictions apply to some sections of the policy. See sections 1A, 1B, 2, 3 and 4 under the Personal Travel Insurance section of the policy.

If there is, a change in health of anyone insured under this policy after you have taken out the insurance or booked a trip, but before you travel, or book a further trip, you must contact the Police & Fire Brigade Health line.

**Important, please read the Declaration on pages 4 & 5 of your policy wording where you will find the Medical Exclusions that apply to this policy and; the Health Questions. If you or anyone insured on this policy answers Yes to any of the Health Questions you must contact the Police and Fire Brigade Health Line on 01689 892 262 to declare any and all pre-existing medical conditions.
Cover for pre-existing medical conditions does not automatically continue and you must declare these at each renewal. You must also read the Declaration each time you book a trip and declare any new conditions or any changes to those that have already been declared.



Worldwide Travel Insurance Rebate


Retired officers that have a partner who also has selected to pay the full package will be entitled to claim the travel insurance element of the premium back. This is due to the fact that there would be a duplication in cover and you would be paying for the family worldwide travel insurance twice. Therefore after paying a full years premium retired officers can complete the below claim form and submit to the Federation office for checking. We will then forward onto George Burrows for assessment and re-imbursement for valid claims. The payment will be paid directly into officers bank account.


Dual Travel Insurance - Premium Rebate Claim form



Mobile phone/gadget Insurance


To make a claim please call: 0203 794 9318 (please quote your collar number)

A policy excess of £25 will be applied to items valued up to £250 (when new) and £50 for items valued over £250 (when new).

‘Apple Swap’

If your phone or gadget is an Apple product, you may prefer to take the item to your local Apple store for repair or replacement. You will first need to call the number above to ensure your claim is successful, after which you will be furnished with the details as to how to proceed with an Apple service. Your nearest store is at Chapelfield Shopping Centre, Norwich, NR2 1SU.

The devices which come under the term gadget are as follows;

Mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, PDA's, MP3 players, iPods, Sat Navs, PSP's and other games consoles, Cameras, Camcorders, Personal Media Players and Laptops.



Legal and Tax Helpline: 0344 770 1058


Use the 24 hour advisory service for telephone advice on any private legal or taxation matter of concern to you. When you call say that you are a member of the Norfolk Police Federation Legal Expenses Scheme, or that you are a member of his or her family. You will be asked for a brief summary of the problem and this will be passed on to an Adviser who will return your call. This helpline is available to anyone over 18 years of age and belonging to the main household of a member. 



Lifestyle Counselling Helpline & Online Support Service Helpline: 0800 177 7894


This service can help with a range of problems from practical everyday matters to sensitive or emotional issues. Specialists will help you deal with personal relationship problems, problems with colleagues in the workplace and other issues affecting your general wellbeing. Counsellors and information specialists are also trained to help you with practical problems like debt. The helpline is complemented by a comprehensive online information and support service, through which you can access information and advice on a range of issues and problems which often impact on everyday life. Topics are diverse and include relationships, childcare issues, consumer issues, stress, health and fitness. Information is updated regularly by a team of experienced counsellors and information specialists.

You can access the Lifestyle Counselling Helpline on 0800 177 7894 or you can access the Online Support Service by visiting www.arclegal.co.uk/carefirst where you will be required to enter a username and password which is available from the Fed office. Call us on 01603 971420 or e-mail us on Norfolk@polfed.org

This service is available to anyone over the age of 18 years of age and belonging to the main household of a member.



Important information - please read


  1. A separate application form must be completed for the cohabiting partner if the optional extension is taken out. Tick the ‘partner of serving member’ and add the rank, collar number, and name of the serving member. Compete the rest of the form with the partner’s details and both are required to sign the form in the relevant space provided;
  2. If the serving member and/or their cohabiting partner are unable to confirm the declaration on the application form, a fully underwritten application form with questions about medical history must be completed. Please contact the Federation Office to request the fully underwritten application form if required;
  3. If the serving member’s cohabiting partner is also a serving police officer with Norfolk Constabulary, it is highly recommended that both subscribe to the scheme in their own right in order to receive the full range of benefits;
  4. Where two retired officers with Norfolk Constabulary are cohabiting partners and are both members of the scheme a rebate is available. This is due to the fact that two retired officers would both be paying for worldwide family travel insurance. Therefore at the renewal date 1st August every year, retired officers can make a claim to George Burrows via the Federation to have the element of the premium that relates to the travel insurance refunded. Please contact the Federation Office for details;
  5. Subscriptions are to be deducted monthly direct from pension. Notification will be published of any subscription increase or change in benefits that may occur from time to time;
  6. Serving members upon retirement from Norfolk Constabulary may remain in the scheme as a retired member by submitting a completed step down membership continuation form to the Federation Office prior to retirement. Subscriptions are to be deducted monthly direct from pension. Individuals are not eligible to join the scheme after their retirement date and therefore membership and/or any optional cohabiting partner extension must have been accepted prior that date;
  7. Eligibility for the scheme ceases at 65 years of age and all membership and benefits will cease. If the cohabiting partner extension has been taken out then that cover will cease once the retired member or the cohabiting partner has reach 65 years of age whichever is the sooner;
  8. Serving members who transfer, resign or are dismissed from the police service are not eligible to remain in the scheme and all membership and benefits will cease, including any cohabiting partner extension;
  9. The benefits arranged under this insurance scheme are provided strictly under the terms of insurance policies taken out and owned by the Trust. Subscription to the scheme entitles the member to the benefits provided by the scheme but confers no ownership of any of the underlying policies which are vested in the Trustees. Copies of the policies are available to view by appointment at the Federation Office.