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Norfolk Police Federation

Conduct, Attendance & Performance

All Police officers are subject of The Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 and if you are served with a Regulation 17 Notice, are the subject of an local resolution or are reaching stage one of the Unsatisfactory Performance Procedure then contact your local workplace Fed rep or the Federation Office and speak to the case manager Matt Gould (01603 972590) before making any response. 

The case manager will give you advice and then allocate you a Discipline trained Rep to take on your case (click here to view trained Discipline Friends)

Your right to contact the Police Federation should be well understood by management, PSD and the IOPC and is detailed in the Regulation 17 notice that is served on you at the outset of an investigation. As a consequence, you should not be embarrassed, doubtful or hesitant in seeking early advice and intervention as this is the most sensible way to protect your interests, your rights and entitlements and, in appropriate cases, conducting a proper defence.

The Federation has produced a handy guide for all officers to read so they protect themselves and adhere to the standards of professional behaviour and codes of ethics. The guide is below;

Keep You Safe



What To Do If You Are Subject Of A Complaint

The first thing to bear in mind is that the Force is obliged to investigate all complaints no matter how frivolous or vexatious you may feel they are.

In some cases there may be incontrovertible evidence that can exonerate you e.g. CCTV.

Notwithstanding this, the Force will still go through the investigation process. Unfortunately, complaints are part of the job but do remember very few complaints end in formal proceedings.

When you first discover that you have a complaint against you:

DO NOT - say anything or make a written statement until you've sought the advice of the Federation
DO make detailed notes for when you are interviewed; it may be several months before this happens,
AND, where possible, keep copies of PNB, statements or other relevant documents.
If you think that CCTV may exist then inform a supervisor, asking for it to be seized. Document your request. Do not seize it yourself under any circumstances.

In some situations it is necessary or desirable for a response to be made within ten days. If this is the case you should contact a Federation discipline friend as soon as possible.

Your discipline friend will:

Liaise with PSD on your behalf.
Ensure that potential witnesses are seen.
Arrange to meet and discuss with you.
Assist with making any statements.
Arrange an interview date and attend with you.
Your discipline friend will also make any necessary arrangements in the event that you need legal advice. Remember that legal advice is only appropriate if the complaint results in a formal discipline hearing.


Home Office Guidance - Misconduct, UPP & UAP updated 2020

Police Performance Regulations 2020

Police Conduct Regulations 2020

College of Policing Guidance on outcomes at police misconduct proceedings