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Norfolk Police Federation

About us

Norfolk Police Federation is the staff association for police constables, sergeants and inspectors (including chief inspectors) at Norfolk Constabulary.

Nationally, the Police Federation of England and Wales is one of the largest staff associations in the UK representing almost 122,000 rank and file officers.


The core purpose of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is:

That PFEW agrees that, in fulfilling its statutory responsibilities for the welfare and efficiency of its members, the Federation at all levels will:

Ensure that its members are fully informed and that there is the highest degree of transparency in decision-making and use of resources.

* Maintain exemplary standards of conduct, integrity and professionalism.

* Act in the interests of the members and the public, seeking to build public confidence in the police service and accepting public accountability for its use of public money.

* Work together within the Federation and in partnership with others in the policing world to achieve its goals.