Principal Officers

Calum MacleodCalum Macleod

Calum Macleod has been a police officer for 22 years, the first six of which was spent as an officer in Strathclyde Police and the remainder as an officer in South Wales Police.

Calum worked predominantly as a response officer, but also as a tutor constable and officer safety trainer. He also spent time in crime management and community policing in Cardiff before returning to response on promotion in 1997. The vast majority of Calum's service has been in front line operational duties. 

Calum became involved in the Police Federation in 2011 and stood for election as Sergeants Representative for Cardiff, he quickly became equality lead for the Joint Branch Board and then Chair of the Sergeants’ Board. He has also held the position of Regional Chair for Wales.

Calum was General Secretary and Treasurer for the Sergeants Central Committee from May 2014 until his appointment as Vice Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales in April 2016. Calum remains the Chair of the Equality sub-committee and he is determined that the members’ views must be heard and acted upon.


Andy FittesAndy Fittes
General Secretary

Andy Fittes joined the Metropolitan Police in 1987 as a constable working in the east end of London.

He fully embraced his work with differing communities and learnt to deal with a myriad of situations presented to him on a daily basis.

In 1996, Andy was promoted to sergeant and three years later he became a Federation representative. In 2011 he became the chair of the metropolitan Sergeants Branch Board (SBB) where he became the lead for the Metropolitan Police Federation (MPF) on promotion matters.

He also became the secretary of the Promotion and Training Sub-Committee, sat on the Training Sub-Committee, and the Operational Policing Sub-Committee which dealt with issues encountered by officers on the beat and helped to provide better equipment to ensure their safety.

Andy has represented officers at all levels of performance and believes that representation is fundamental to the service provided to Federation members.

In 2013, Andy become a member of the Joint Central Committee or JCC (now known as the Interim National Board since June 2014) and in May that year was elected as the Sergeant Central Committee (SCC) deputy general secretary.

Andy became General Secretary of the SCC and later became the chair of the Professional Development Sub-Committee and the Special Constabulary Working Group, while also sitting on the Operational Policing and Professional Standards Sub-Committees.

Other accomplishments in Andy’s career include working on the London Olympic Games as the lead planner for one of the live sites and assisting in the development of a festival drugs strategy for the Met.


Tim Packham 

Tim Packham joined Kent Police in 1990. As a Constable, Tim served three years at Ashford before transferring to a Sub-divisional traffic unit in Gravesend. In 1997 he moved to the county’s traffic department performing both car and motorcycle duties. He qualified as an Senior Investigating Officer for serious and fatal road collisions. He is an Advanced Police Driver and an Advanced Police Motorcyclist.

Tim was promoted to Sergeant in 2004 where he again served in the north of the county at Gravesend where he performed patrol, custody and neighbourhood policing duties, and was elected as a Federation Representative two years later. He became a trustee to the JBB funds in 2007. He was promoted to Inspector in 2009 and soon returned to the Inspectors’ Branch Board where after a short time he was elected as the IBB Secretary. He was also elected as the Region 5 Inspectors’ Secretary. As an Inspector, he performed Citizen Focus, Response, and most recently Force Control Room duties before taking up a full-time Federation role within the Kent Joint Branch Board as Deputy Secretary and Treasurer late 2013.   

Tim’s National Federation career began in 2015, when he joined the Inspectors’ Central Committee. He is the Secretary of the Legislation sub-committee and sits on the Health and Safety and Ops Policing Sub-committees. Tim has and represented members at all levels of Police Discipline and Police Medical Appeal Boards.

Tim was elected as the ICC General Secretary in 2017 and was elected Treasurer in July 2017. Tim will be instrumental in maximising value for money from all business partners, thus providing the best value service for every Federation member.

As Treasurer of the Interim National Board, Tim will work the Finance Director to ensure that the Police Federation of England and Wales maintains a robust, balanced financial position from which it can be confident in its ability to provide an excellent level of service to its members.


Ché Donald

Ché Donald has been a police officer since 2012, serving in Sussex as a uniformed frontline officer holding roles in response, neighbourhood policing, PSU (public support unit), CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear), intelligence development and tutoring. His Federation career spans 12 years having represented members in numerous matters from low-level grievances to tribunals, hearings, court appearances and inquests.  He joined the Interim National Board (INB) in October 2014 as a region 5 representative.

He currently serves on the Equality and Operational Policing Sub-Committees, championing the wider roll-out of Taser and spit and bite guards.  He leads on firearms as well as Post-Incident Procedures (PIPs) - in 2016 he organised the Federation’s first national PIPs seminar which has now become an annual event.

Ché also leads on police officer mental health, working closely with the Welfare Support Programme (WSP) to drive this important area of work forward. He was instrumental in forming Police Association Strategic Leads (PASL) which sees representatives of the various national support organisations meet quarterly.


Andy Ward Mugshot Andy Ward
Deputy General Secretary

Andy Ward was appointed to Durham Constabulary in August 1989 and spend the formative years of his service in 24/7 response policing and as a local neighbourhood beat officer in the former mining communities along the east coast of County Durham.

In July 2002 Andy was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and continued to work in response policing as a Shift Supervisor in North Durham, leading a team of constables and managing incidents & investigations.

Andy spent his first incarnation as a Custody Sergeant at Durham City between 2003 and 2004 before returning to 24/7 response policing, and in December 2008 he returned to custody in East Durham until taking up a full time role on the Central Committee in March 2013.

All of Andy’s 23.5 years of active police service were spent in front line uniform operational policing.

Andy was first elected to the Durham Joint Branch Board in July 1997 and served the Police Federation for a virtually consecutive period of seventeen years as both a Constables and a Sergeants Representative.

Andy has held an array of federation positions including, but not limited to, Constables Representative, Health & Safety Leader, National Custody Forum Secretary and Deputy General Secretary/Treasurer of the Sergeant’s Central Committee.

As Regional Sergeants Representative for the North East (No 2) region, Andy has been active in a range of separate rank and joint work-streams and responsibilities which include involvement on the JCC Health & Safety sub-committee, the JCC Legislation sub-committee, the JCC Professional Standards sub-committee, the Strategic Priorities Working Group, the National Custody Officers Forum and the HMIC/HMIP Custody Stakeholders Group, to name a few.


Simon Kempton
Deputy Treasurer

Simon Kempton joined Dorset Police in 2000 working as a frontline response officer both as a constable and as a sergeant where he gained qualifications as a licensed search team leader and a hostage and crisis negotiator.

Simon has also worked in some more covert roles including undercover policing, surveillance and counter terrorist policing. This breadth of experience has given him the opportunity to build a well-rounded career with experience across a range of disciplines. Some of the roles have been subject to enhanced vetting, requiring the upmost levels of integrity and personal ethics.

Having become a Federation representative approximately seven years ago, Simon trained as a misconduct, equality and health and safety rep and still maintains a role on his home board as a misconduct rep. This, alongside his occasional operational work has enabled him to maintain links with operational colleagues.

Simon’s role as deputy treasurer will support the treasurer and finance director by helping to implement the initiatives being brought forward and building close working relationships with stakeholders. This will be pivotal to building trust throughout our organisation as we look to complete our Review.