Principal Officers

We have eight Principal Officers as part of our National Board. The National Chair is elected by members, with candidates coming from the National Board and National Council, the National Secretary is selected from the National Board via an interview process, and all other roles are elected from among the National Board.


John ApterJohn Apter
National Chair

John is a constable and joined Hampshire Constabulary in December 1992. Prior to joining as a regular, John was a Special Constable. He is passionate about fairness, which is one of the reasons that he became a police officer.

John became a local Federation representative to ensure other officers were treated fairly and received the support they deserved. In 2010, he became the Chair of the Hampshire Police Federation. Prior to this, John was a uniformed frontline officer working in Response, Roads Policing and in a specialist team investigating road traffic accident deaths. Additionally, he has also been a Family Liaison Officer, a role that he found incredibly rewarding.

John has worked tirelessly to highlight the reality of violence against police officers and staff, and has created the ‘Seven Point Plan’ to ensure officers and police staff, assaulted at work, are treated as victims and given the support they fully deserve. This plan has now been adopted by almost every force across England and Wales including the Metropolitan Police, who have renamed it Operation Hampshire.

John was also instrumental in helping to lay the foundations for PFEW’s ‘Protect the Protectors’ campaign and in ensuring that emergency service workers are now better protected from assault.

Che DonaldChé Donald
National Vice-Chair

Ché Donald has been a police officer with Sussex Police since 2002 and was promoted to sergeant in 2005. During his career he has chosen to remain in frontline policing roles: in 24/7 response, neighbourhood policing, public order units, CBRN, intelligence development and tutoring. He has been an active Police Federation representative for over a decade, specialising in Discipline, Equality and Post Incident Procedures. Locally, he held the roles of Treasurer and Secretary in the Sussex Black Police Association (SBPA) and Secretary of the Sergeants’ Branch Board.

Ché was elected on to the Interim National Board (INB) in September 2014. He has since been leading and driving a crucial piece of work looking at the links between demand, capacity and welfare. This work is bringing together decision makers in policing to find solutions to improve conditions for police officers and allow them to deliver a better service to the public.

He is also the Police Federation lead for Firearms, Taser and Police Officer Mental Health. In January 2018, Ché was elected to the post of Vice-Chair and he was re-elected to the role in September 2018. In this role, he supports and deputises for the national Chair; drives the strategy of the PFEW, and is a principal spokesperson for the organisation in the media and engagement with external stakeholders.

Alex Duncan
National Secretary

Alex is a constable and joined Avon and Somerset Constabulary in 1990. Until he became a Federation representative, he worked chiefly in Response, Community Policing and the District Crime Unit.

Alex became a Federation rep in 1999 because he was committed to promoting and safeguarding the rights and working conditions of rank-and-file officers who make up the backbone of policing across England and Wales. As a local rep, he held various posts including Deputy Branch Secretary and Conduct Lead. He was the Avon and Somerset Brand Board Secretary from 2007-2014.
In 2014, Alex became a National Board member and held the position of Chair of the Conduct & Performance sub-committee for more than two years. Before becoming National Secretary, Alex was Chair of the Legislation sub-committee and Head of Civil Claims, responsible for the hundreds of claims submitted by members every year, including employment tribunals and discrimination cases.
Alex is passionate about making the Federation the best possible representative and negotiating body for its members. He was selected as National Secretary in 2018.

John Partington
Deputy National Secretary

John is an inspector and joined the Metropolitan Police in 1996. Until he became a local Federation representative in 2008, he worked in a variety of policing roles, including Response and Safer Neighbourhood teams, as well as working as a Staff Officer, Firearms Commander and Public Order Commander, mostly in uniform.
Passionate about equalities, he became a rep to help ensure fairness and a good working environment for all officers. During his time at the local Federation, he held a variety of posts, including as a member of the Joint Executive Committee and was also the Equalities’ Lead for the Metropolitan Police Federation.
He joined the Federation National Board in 2017 and was elected as Deputy National Secretary in 2018. John sees his new role as supporting the National Secretary to allow him to negotiate the best regulations around pay, pensions and conditions of service on behalf of the membership.

Having been a rep throughout the years of austerity, John believes we need more officers in frontline and neighbourhood policing roles, and that the service needs to be part of the community.

Tim Packham
National Treasurer

Tim Packham joined Kent Police in 1990. As a constable, he served in a range of roles including with a sub-divisional traffic unit and later with the county’s traffic department.

Tim was promoted to sergeant in 2004 and was elected as a Federation representative two years later. Tim has represented members at all levels of Police Discipline and Police Medical Appeal Boards. 

Tim was promoted to inspector in 2009, performing Citizen Focus, Response, and most recently Force Control Room duties before taking up a full-time Federation role within the Kent Joint Branch Board as Deputy Secretary and Treasurer late in 2013.

Tim’s National Federation career began in 2015, when he joined the Inspectors’ Central Committee (ICC) and took up roles on the Legislation subcommittee, Health and Safety subcommittee and Operational Policing subcommittee.

Soon after, Tim became a National Board member and was elected as National Treasurer in 2017. He was then re-elected as National Treasurer in 2018. Tim works with the Finance Director to ensure that the Federation maintains a robust, balanced financial position from which it can be confident in its ability to provide an excellent level of service to its members.

Simon Kempton
Deputy National Treasurer

Simon Kempton joined Dorset Police in 2000 working as a frontline Response officer, both as a constable and as a sergeant, where he gained qualifications as a licensed Search Team Leader and a Hostage and Crisis Negotiator.

He has also worked in some more covert roles, including undercover policing, surveillance and counter-terrorist policing. This breadth of experience has given him the opportunity to build a well-rounded career with experience across a range of disciplines. Some of the roles have been subject to enhanced vetting, requiring the upmost levels of integrity and personal ethics.

Having become a Federation representative approximately seven years ago, Simon trained as a Misconduct, Equality and Health and Safety rep, and still maintains a role on his home board as a Misconduct rep. This, alongside his occasional operational work, has enabled him to maintain links with operational colleagues.

After becoming a National Board member, Simon’s was elected as Deputy National Treasurer in 2017 to support the National Treasurer and Finance Director by helping to implement the initiatives being brought forward, and building close working relationships with stakeholders.

Craig Hewitt
Head of Civil Claims

Craig has been a constable with Lincolnshire Police since August 2000. Before joining, Craig worked in the hospitality and financial sectors. He joined the police to try to make a difference in society.

Craig was a Response and Patrol Officer in his home force for 15 years, joining the Federation as a workplace representative in 2009, before becoming the full-time Secretary and Treasurer of Lincolnshire Police Federation in 2015. Craig chose to become a rep after he was involved in a number of investigations and saw the valuable work done by the reps who looked after him; it made him want to help officers in similar situations.

During his time as a Federation rep, Craig has represented officers in equality matters, fairness at work issues, Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures (UPP), Unsatisfactory Attendance Procedures (UAP), Ill Health Retirement, Police Regulation issues, Post-Incident Procedures (PIP), and many other areas.

As Secretary of the Lincolnshire Branch, Craig led on the introduction of a fit-for-purpose Limited Duties policy within his force and brought about adjustments to Lincolnshire's Acting Allowance, Temporary Salary and Temporary Promotion processes to ensure officers were paid correctly.

Craig became a National Board member in 2016, and sits on the Professional Development and Operational Policing subcommittees. He was elected as Head of Civil Claims in 2018.

Andy Ward
Head of Criminal Claims

Andy was appointed to Durham Constabulary in August 1989 and spent the formative years of his service in Response policing and as a local Neighbourhood beat officer in the former mining communities along the east coast of County Durham.

In July 2002, Andy was promoted to sergeant and continued to work in Response as a Shift Supervisor in North Durham, leading a team of constables and managing incidents and investigations, before moving on to a Custody role.

Andy became a Federation representative in 1997 and served for 17 years as both a constables' and sergeants' rep. Andy has since held an array of Federation positions including, Health and Safety Leader, National Custody Forum Secretary and Deputy General Secretary/Treasurer of the Sergeant’s Central Committee.

As a National Board member, Andy has been active in a range of workstreams which include the Health and Safety sub-committee, the Legislation sub-committee, the Professional Standards sub-committee, the Strategic Priorities Working Group, the National Custody Officers' Forum and the Custody Stakeholders Group, to name a few.

Andy became a National Board member in 2014 and served as Deputy General Secretary between 2014-8. He was elected as Head of Criminal Claims in 2018.