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Care on Demand

New to the West Midlands Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme from 1 October 2019.

We are blessed to have access, in the UK, to the NHS. A service free from cradle to grave, at the point of delivery, it is the envy of the world.

GP’s are the gate-keepers. Historically, we tend to think of the friendly local family doctor. He or she would be familiar with every member of the family and each member’s health. Appointments would be easy, they might even pop in from time to time ‘doing the rounds’, and there would be no time constraints.

Sadly, this now sounds like a misty-eyed fantasy.

An ageing population, increase in obesity (resulting in diabetes, hypertension etc.), mental health issues and so on has put an serious financial and resource burden on an already stretched NHS. This is evident in waiting times not just for in-patient treatment but also GP appointments with a recent survey suggesting average waiting times now exceeding 14 days (1)

One in 10 people have to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment with a GP (2)

Little wonder that the NHS has previously reported that between 10% and 30% of cases turning up in A&E were ones that were regularly seen by GPs (3)

Fortunately, there is a solution. Care on Demand allows all our Group Insurance Package members and eligible dependents to arrange an appointment 24/7 with a GMC licensed GP, whether in the UK or whilst on holiday.

For any non-emergency case, whether physical or mental, you can discuss your health concerns with a GP, via phone or video consultation. Calls can normally be arranged within 2 hours of your request. And unlike a GP visit, there is no time limit on the consultation (video consults up to 30mins) and you can ask more than one question.

Furthermore, the Care on Demand GP can arrange for a private referral to be sent to you or a private prescription* to be sent to a pharmacy of your choice if you are in the UK.

It’s a service that is not designed to replace your own GP but to work on conjunction, entirely in line with the Secretary of Health’s strategy of introducing digital solutions to the NHS.

* Within safe online prescribing guidelines

(1) Source: Pulse Magazine Survey 2019
(https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/08/11/gp-waiting-time-breaches-two-weeks-first-time-new-housing-developments/ 12.8.19)

(2) Source: NHS Digital, Experimental Statistics 
(https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/06/one-10-patients-waits-3-weeks-see-gp-new-figures-show/ - 6.12.18)

(3) Source: Primary Care Foundation
(https://fullfact.org/health/are-patients-going-e-instead-gps/ 31.1.17)

Care on Demand FAQ's

Q How do I access the app
Look for the logo above on either the Apple Store or Google Play
Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/care-on-demand/id1481628208?ls=1
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.advancemedical.careondemand

Q Is the service 24/7?
A Yes

Q How do I get the ID reference for the APP
A It is WESTMIDS2019

Q Is it accessible worldwide
A Yes

Q How long will I wait for an appointment?
A You select a time from the schedule and GP callback is typically within 1-2 hours

Q How long is an appointment call?
A Depending on complexity the average is 15 minutes by phone or 30 minutes by video call

Q Is there a limit to the number of times I or may family can use this?
A No, there are no limits to the consultation service

Q Can I add a partner/spouse to my Care on Demand account?
A No, Partner's will need to download the app and create their own account using the same ID reference as medical information is confidential

Q What is the phone number to call?
A +44 (0) 203 499 4891

Q Is the information shared with my GP?
A Yes, if you give your consent

Q Can the GP issue a prescription or referral letter?
A Yes, if considered necessary

Q Does an adult need to be present for child consultations?
A Yes, if considered necessary

Q At what age will cover for my children cease?
A Cover for children ceases at age 21 or 25 if still in full time education

Q If accessed outside of the UK will advice be country appropriate?
A Yes, GP recommendations will reflect where you are at the time

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