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Local workplace representatives are volunteers and perform their Federation role in addition to their day job. They work a variety of shifts and many are 24/7 therefore no matter the day or time you should always be able to find one on duty.

The reps are grouped by geographical location (in line with the current LPAs) please try to use a rep based in your geographical area.

Find a workplace representative.

Local workplace representatives can help with:

  • Regulation enquiries - but please check our regulations pages in the first instance
  • Absence support meetings and supporting those on long-term sick leave
  • Grievances
  • Regulation 12/13 initial meetings
  • Flexible working applications/appeals
  • Reasonable Adjustment Passports
  • Advising and supporting supervisors
  • Health and safety walkthroughs
  • The reflective practice review process.

If the matter relates to a misconduct or criminal investigation then you will require a conduct and performance representative.

If it relates to discrimination or whistleblowing then you will require an equality representative.

If it relates to health and safety or uniform and equipment then you will require a health and safety representative.

Find a workplace representative.




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