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The role of a Federation representative

The role of a Federation representative

Key responsibility 1 - To understand the purpose, structure and current objectives of the Federation

  • Know and understand the current Federation aims, objectives, structures, roles and responsibilities at local LPU and Branch Council
  • Maintain contact with their branch secretary 
  • Attend all Branch Council and committee meetings and participate on behalf of those members they are representing.

Key responsibility 2 - Representing and advising members

  • Advise members on matters concerning Police Regulations, grievance/resolution procedures, and initial action on conduct matters, and any other matters that require their action
  • Take responsibility for resolving an issue or inform the principal officer of the relevant standing committee (personnel, conduct, health and safety) for advice/guidance
  • Ensure there is close monitoring of members who are off sick, suspended from duty or on maternity leave and keep the branch office informed of their progress.

Key responsibility 3 - Communicating with members and Force managers

  • Keep members informed on local, Force and national issues
  • Recognise and identify those people who have influence within their working environment, and to endeavour to develop a working relationship with these individuals
  • Be prepared to challenge inappropriate behaviour and language, which undermine the six strands of diversity i.e. race, gender, religion, disability, sexuality and age.

Key responsibility 4 - Managing casework

  • Develop a close working relationship with the LPU/departmental management teams and fellow LPU reps
  • Be able to intervene at an early stage with mediation, advocacy or conflict resolution techniques
  • Reply promptly to all correspondence.

Key responsibility 5 - Managing yourself and your learning

  • Fully understand what your role is and continually seek to improve your knowledge and understanding of Police Regulations, police misconduct and any other appropriate legislation to ensure advice given to members is correct
  • Attend various Police Federation courses and other training as and when nominated by the Branch Board
  • Being a Federation representative whether locally or nationally requires commitment and often means up giving up your own time to help the members. When attending any event/course on behalf of the Branch Council the cost of travelling, meals and accommodation will be reimbursed.

Are you a West Midlands Police officer who would like to become a Federation rep?

If you are thinking of standing to be a Federation representative and would like to know more about the role, please visit the Police Federation of England and Wales Reps@Work page.

If you have any further questions about being a rep, please email us with your details and one of our full-time officials will be back in touch.