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West Midlands Police Federation

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Structure of the Federation

National level

The branch chair and secretary from each force, as well as other individuals from protected characteristics groups, make up the National Council which meets regularly through the year to discuss national issues. From the National Council, a National Board is elected by National Council members.

The National Board, along with the National Council, are the key decision-making bodies for the organisation.

Find out more about the national Federation.

Branch level

Each police force in England and Wales has a Police Federation branch. Branches are made up of local workplace representatives for that force, the Branch Council, which is elected by members from that force - workplace reps undertake their work alongside their duties as a full-time police officer. Branch Boards meet regularly through the year to consider issues that affect their electorate. 

Branch Boards act as the negotiation and consultative body when dealing with their force’s Chief Constable, senior officers and the Police and Crime Commissioners, providing an effective link between officers and senior management. They deal with the day-to-day problems Federated officers face, and work to improve the status of the police service and its members.

West Midlands Branch structure

Branch Council

Our Branch Council is formed of 50 workplace representatives and 9 full-time roles. At the end of each election period representatives stand for election to the Branch Council and are voted in by the members. The Branch Council meets three times a year at Guardians House.

Branch Board

Our Branch Board is formed of 14 members of the Branch Council. After the elections to form the Branch Council, all representatives vote to form the Branch Board. The Branch Board meets a minimum of every other month at Guardians House.

Branch chair

The Branch Chair is elected by the local members. Any candidate wishing to stand for branch chair must first be on the Branch Board.

Other principal officers

The secretary, deputy secretary and deputy chair are elected by the Branch Board. Any candidate wishing to stand for these roles must first be on the Branch Board.

Full-time leads

The Branch Board elects two leads for each conduct and equality and one for health and safety.

Any candidate wishing to stand for these roles must be on the respective committee but does not need to be on the Branch Board.


The branch treasurer is elected by the Branch Board. Any candidate wishing to stand for these roles must first be on the Branch Board. The branch also has three trustees whose role is to hold the Branch Board to account for any financial decisions. Due to this, the trustees cannot be on the Branch Board.

More information on who’s who can be found at Meet the team