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Payments on Maternity Leave

Any members taking Statutory Maternity Leave or Unpaid Leave as part of their absence of Maternity Leave will cease to have their premiums for Federation schemes taken from their salary.

To ensure cover for the Insurance schemes are kept up to date, members will need to submit payment direct to George Burrows by form of payment by card.

If taking Statutory Maternity Leave, members will need to continue to pay premiums for both their Federation Subscriptions (via Standing Order) and the Federation Insurances (direct to George Burrows).

If taking Unpaid Leave, Federation Subscriptions will not be required to be paid. Members will still be covered. However, payments for the Federation Insurances will still need to be paid to ensure cover.

If payments are not continued, cover will be cancelled and new joiner rules will apply if rejoining any schemes.

If you are on or soon approaching your Maternity Leave, please contact the Federation Office on westmidlandspf@polfed.org to ensure your cover for any Federation Scheme is kept up to date.

Regulations on Maternity Leave

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