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West Midlands Police Federation

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Service of Reg 14a/15 Notice (666s)

At present, there has been a change to PSD policy - Federation Discipline Reps are no longer given advance notice of the serving of a Regulation 14a/15 Notice (666s).

Should you be served with a Reg 14a/15 Notice, you should seek the advice of a Police Federation Discipline Representative as soon as practicable and before making any response.

You should not be asked any questions by the officer serving the Regulation 14a/15 Notice. You should sign the Notice, keep your copy and provide a copy of your PNB if requested.

Data Protection / Confidentiality

Message from John Tooms, WMPFed Discipline Secretary for your information:

Data Protection / Confidentiality - any breach to be assessed Gross Misconduct - leading to likely dismissal

At a Misconduct Hearing the ACC made it very clear that WMP will assess ANY breach of the Data Protection Act / misuse of IT systems for a non-policing purpose, no matter how minor, as Gross Misconduct.

All breaches of the DPA / misuse of IT systems cases WILL consequently be heard at a Misconduct Hearing where dismissal WILL be the likely outcome - unless the mitigating circumstances are 'exceptional'.