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Payments on maternity leave

Any members in receipt of maternity pay or statutory maternity pay will have their Federation subscriptions and Group Insurance Scheme payments deducted from their salary.

If you are in receipt of NO PAY and taking unpaid maternity leave, Federation subscriptions will not be required to be paid and members will remain a qualifying member of the Federation.

To ensure continuous cover for Group Insurance Scheme providers, each month, payments will need to be made direct to the broker George Burrows.   To arrange payment while on unpaid maternity leave please contact George Burrows on 01403 327719. 

If insurance payments are not continued, cover under the scheme will cease at the end of the month the final premium was collected by the Force.

Members may apply to re-join the Group Insurance Scheme at any time when they have returned to work, subject to the normal joining instructions.

If you are on, or soon approaching, your maternity leave, please contact the Federation office either by email or by phone on 0121 752 4900 to discuss your insurance cover.

Regulations on maternity leave

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