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Norfolk Police Federation

Recognising burnout - An online seminar with Zane McCormack

9 June 2023

To mark Men's Health Week Chris Hobbs, the men's lead for The Forum and Fed rep, has organised an online event over Teams with guest speaker Zane McCormack (pictured below) at 2pm on Tuesday 13 June.
Zane, a former police officer of 16 years, will deliver a one-hour presentation: From Burnout to Thriving, the journey of a an Assured Man, followed by a Q&A.
He is passionate about helping professional men to beat burnout at work, recognise the signs, and help build resilience to overcome it for good.
He said: “I had 16 years as a police officer dealing with the fallout of poorly managed stress before burning out myself out. So I get it.
“I understand. And I understand that burnout isn't ceasing to function, it's your body slowly winding down in response to poorly managed stress."
What it feels like:
· Being permanently exhausted
· Having difficulty concentrating
· Gaining weight unexpectedly
· Having trouble switching off
· Finding yourself overly irritable for no real reason
· Making poor or risky decisions
· Struggling to enjoy the things you used to
· Overwhelmed
· Waking tired and unrested
· Stuck in a rut professionally as well as personally
· Confidence in pieces
He warns that it can carry on for years if not properly addressed, robbing you and your loved ones of your best version of yourself.
However, burnout is both completely avoidable and entirely recoverable from.
And coaching does this by helping you to:
· Push that pause button
· Reflect
· Develop an understanding of what's happened
· Reconnect with who you are and your Why
· Rebuilding your own personal resilience levels
· Develop effective strategies that are personal to you
· Begin thriving again
To attend the event on Tuesday 13 June at 2pm simply join the meeting on Teams by clicking the link available via the article on ‘The Beat’
On a National level Men's Health Week 2023 is focusing on the addictive nature of tech and how it can impact wellbeing.
This event has been funded in partnership work with The Forum and Norfolk Police Federation.
Andy Symonds, Chair of Norfolk Police Federation says; "I’m proud the Federation has supported this important event and I encourage all officers, both men and women, to find the time to log onto this Teams meeting. I know that officers will learn a lot from this session.
"Mental Health related matters rise year on year within the police service due to the demands, stressors and the amount of traumatic incidents our officers deal with. Therefore sessions like this are vital to highlight coping mechanisms and actions officers can do to keep them safe psychologically."